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Tear Jerker / Prytaneum

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  • Ash-Covered Girl Part 3 reveals Lili fully intended to commit suicide along with killing off the Soma Familia for the life they put her through. The sheer amount of Heroic Self-Deprecation is heartrending.
    …She’d meant the last thing she said, too; that she was sad it had to end this way. But it had to. This…this was what she was; a liar and a thief, something ugly and weak. They’d both learn something valuable from this and then they’d realize that they were better off without her. Even though it had only been a few days, somehow she couldn’t help but believe that they couldn’t be stopped, that they’d go far. But she wasn’t like that. Somehow, she could believe their dreams would come true, but she knew hers never would.
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  • 'What am I?' "A murderer." Even after thousands of years and being brought back to life, Daedalus couldn't give up his guilt, and it drove him to take his own life.
  • When Riptide comes into contact with a Jewel Fetus it turns into a Demi Spirit. When Percy tries to call out for her by her true name, she turns away from him. Remember, this is one of the last companions he has from his world and she is leaving him behind.
    “Riptide…” I tried to said, though it came out as more of a slurred drawl, croaked and broken and receiving no reply. She, it, whatever—they were too far away and my voice too weak. I knew that, but when my voice didn’t work, I tried again, my one good arm reaching out helplessly over the ledge, grasping for something that I knew was too far away. “Ana…klusmos…”

    All of a sudden, those black eyes looked at me, as if hearing me across the battlefield. All around us there was fighting, and I could even see sparks erupting from all around her form as if things were breaking upon her, but even so, our eyes met and held—for a moment.

    And then she looked away and began to move, further and further out of reach. Away from the chaos, the town, the destruction, and deeper into the forests of the floor, leaving me behind.

  • When he finally catches to Riptide in Chapter 71: Boil, Part 2, she hammers home several points that strike deeply at him in an attempt at Break Them by Talking. She points out that not only has the world he known has changed, but that his quest to save his friends is largely pointless as the Dungeon will kill them the moment they're born and only Percy and Daedalus managed in thousands of years to escape. He's basically wearing himself thin for nothing and suffering for it.
    “You know the truth, don’t you? You are being punished, Perseus. This is your Tartarus, this is your damnation, and you’re just Sisyphus, pushing the rock up the hill again and again and again as if one more time will be enough, but it won’t! You’re here to suffer, Perseus, filled with the need to try even when you know it’s not enough, too maddened to stop or pull back or find peace. You’ll die here, again and again, because that’s the only moral of the Gods’ treacherous gift—that’s it’s not possible to escape. But it is, Perseus. There’s a way out. Just come with me.”
    • When he tries to refute her offer at the expense of killing thousands of people afterwards, she points out he did kill all of Luke's followers in his rage after Annabeth had been killed. And when he still refuses, she thinks he's been driven mad and decides to kill him so that he'll be reborn again and things'll go back to how they were.
      “It won’t hurt for long—and even if you die, I’ll just bring you back. And then everything will be like it used to.”