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Heartwarming / Prytaneum

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  • In Hearth, Percy becomes a member of Hestia's Familia despite being better off seeking a really big one for the following reasons:

    I’d already thought this through, at least a little bit. If Adventurers were the ones that explored and faced the Dungeon beneath this city, then becoming one was probably a good idea if it’d help with that—and logically speaking, I’d be better off with a large Familia with lots of other Adventurers to aid me. This was especially true if Adventurers were, to some extent, like demigods, which I was getting mixed messaged on.

    But…at the same time, having found her like this, I already knew I couldn’t abandon her. Or rather, I wouldn’t. I still remembered Zoe, who’d sacrificed her divine power to help a man that had left her behind. I still remembered what Mr. D had said about heroes and his wife and how Theseus—my half-brother, technically—had abandoned her when all was said and done. And I still remembered my mother and I, who’d been left behind.

    It couldn’t be helped when your father was a god. I knew that. It still hurt like hell. I knew that, too. And whether it was because of who I was or my fatal flaw or whatever else, I wouldn’t abandon one of my friends.

    I’d promised Hestia that I would remember her and she’d sacrificed enough that I couldn’t think of her as anything but a friend, whether she remembered me right now or not. And from what she’d said and what I’d seen, she was alone. Speaking as someone who’d just found himself in a similar position, that sucked. A lot.