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Tear Jerker / North and South

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  • Bessie's death. It was easy to see coming, but it's still incredibly sad.
  • The deaths of Boucher, and later his wife.
  • Margaret's parents' deaths, and later The Reveal that Mr. Bell is dying. There's an awful lot of death in this book.
  • Mr. Thornton telling Margaret about his history: his father speculated wildly, lost all his money and then committed suicide, leaving Mr. Thornton to take care of his mother and sister.
    • And then, because he's so afraid of following his father's footsteps, Mr. Thornton refuses to speculate and ends up losing his mill.
  • Mr. Thornton's first proposal. Not only does Margaret turn him down, she says she's not something he can buy.
    Mr. Thornton: I don't want to own you, I want to marry you because I love you!


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