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Tear Jerker / Justice Bao

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  • Cai Yun, when she comes to know that neither her mother, who she believed to be an adulteress, or her adoptive father were wrong in the first place and they are victims of her father selfish love, as well as that her father truly love her mother as after she died (due to his Sadistic Choice) he abandoned his evil way to do good deeds, even letting himself killed by a priest to atone for his sins. Her death in particular, as she also has affection for Zhan Zhao.
    Cai Yun: I want my blood, to always be within your heart.

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  • Zhan Zhen's Break the Haughty moment when Xiaoxi reveals that she is pregnant with his child.
    Bao: Do you want your child to follow your footsteps and become a heartless murderer like you!?
    Zhan Zhen: Nooooo!! I don't want my child to be like me!!

  • In the 2008 version, Qin Xianglian cries after Chen Shi Mei was executed.
    Xianglian: Father, mother.. after Lord Bao punished Shi Mei, your grandchildren has lost their only father.. *cries*
    Bao(after hearing about her): Even with all those hatred, they still were once husband and wife. Something like this cannot be forgotten easily.

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