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Due to the Mood Whip Lash nature of the show, Justice Bao also features many comedic moments along with serious ones.

  • Basically, any moments in The Case of Red Flowers featuring Gu Xhanii. In a particular scene that Eunuch Liu ordered her to go to the court to appeal, she mistook that as an order for her to seduce Bao. Eunuch Liu was not amused. In addition, due to her talkativeness and ridiculous testimonies, Bao had to order the guard to '''slap''' her face twice.

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  • In The Execution of the Dragons Case, a Mistress of the Brothel was hired by the Wen Brother to cause trouble for Bao by filing a case against the them for closing the place that she own. After risk of being exposed for committing fraud, the woman tried to withdraw her plea by stating that the Wen Brother "respect the tradition". Bao however, turned her words against herself.
    Bao: You said that you respect the tradition, but your disrespect toward the court is unforgivable!

  • The start of Consort Pang Is Pregnant had Royal Tutor Pan having nightmare of being executed by multiple blades at the order of Bao.

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