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Heartwarming / Justice Bao

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  • The love story between Wen Xin and Fengyin. In particular, the moment that Fengyin accepts to be Wen Xin's bride even though he is to be executed.
    Wen Xin: Why? Why did you agree to wed to a man who was sentenced to die?
    Fengyin: Because both of us are destined by the heaven to be together, never to be apart. When both of us are meant to be, I don't want to run away from you anymore.

  • The 2008 version gave one to the princess after Bao executed Chen Shi Mei. The princess asked Bao to meet with Qin Xianglian one time for that she wanted to know how the woman is still strong even through numerous hardships. Xianglian replied that her children gave her strength to remain strong.
    Qin Xianglian: Even though we both lost our husband, our children will give us the will to live on for them.

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