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Tear Jerker / Hollywood Undead

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Swan Songs

  • "Sell Your Soul" is written from the perspective of someone who feels as if everyone is against you in some way or another.
    • The Bridge can be considered nightmare fuel, as it basically describes the feeling of losing all of your hope and being cornered.
  • "Young", especially the second verse.
    "As we walk among these shadows, in these streets these fields of battle
    Take it up we wear the medal, raise your hands with burning candles
    Here us whisper in the dark, in the rain you see the spark
    Feel the beating of our hearts, fleeting hope as we depart
    All together walk alone against all we've ever known
    All we ever really wanted was a place to call our home
    But you take all we are, the innocence of our hearts
    Made to kneel before the altar as you tear us apart!"
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  • "Black Dahlia" describes the aftermath of a traumatizing break up. J-Dog actually sounds like he's crying when he raps his verse.
    "Pull up my sleeve and see the pattern of my CUUUUUUUUUTS!!!"
  • "The Diary", which was written partially about Johnny's alcoholism.
  • "Paradise Lost" is a dark song about questioning the existence of God, and wondering why the world is so cruel.
    "Let it all burn! I will burn first! God I've tried, am I lost in your eyes?
    Just let me burn! It's what I deserve! God I've lied am I lost in your eyes?!"
  • "Circles" was written about a girlfriend Deuce had that died in an automobile accident. It has a somber tone and the lyrics don't help.

American Tragedy

  • The album's title is inspired by the fact that many children grow up believing in certain ideals that they do not realize are unrealistic until they've reached adulthood.
  • "I Don't Wanna Die" describes how horrifying death can be, to the point where the subject of the song kills someone else but soon feels remorse.
  • "Bullet", a deceptively cheerful tune about a man (or teenager) who has hit the Despair Event Horizon hard and is planning to kill himself.
  • "Pour Me". At first listen, you will likely mistake the song for a cheerful Owl-City-Style pop ballad, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, you will find that it is actually a lyrically dissonant ballad about a man struggling with an alcohol addiction.
    "Life inside a bottle, all alone..."

Notes from the Underground

  • "Medicine" is about someone who abuses drugs to point that they can't function without them and starts relating their dealer to being their "doctor".
    "Oh, no, no I can't fight it, even when I hate it I still wanna like it
    oh, no, no I can't hide it, I ain't got a dollar but I still try to buy it"
  • The entirety of "Believe".
  • "Outside" deserves a special mention. Danny sounds like he's breaking down in the chorus begging to be held, while Johnny sounds broken and angry. The lyrics can also be considered brutally honest.
    "There's two types of people, you are weak or you are mean, yeah"
    "What's another life time like mine? We all die a little sometimes, it's alright"
    "Did you come to say your goodbyes to this life?"
    "We all hurt a little sometimes. We're alright."
  • "Lion" is about knowing that you can achieve more in life and be better than you currently are but also knowing that your simultaneously tied down by your insecurities or other responsibilities.
    • J 3 T also admitted he dedicated the song to his daughter, and so did Danny, to his daughter.

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