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Tear Jerker / Help! I'm a Fish

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  • Stella's final goodbye to Sasha. Very heavy music plays during this scene, and Stella is clearly heartbroken about having to send her pet away. Sasha, being a simple animal, doesn't understand, and just keeps coming back towards her friend until Stella walks off, leaving Sasha with a sad and confused expression on her face.
  • The part near the end, where everyone is convinced that Fly is dead. Chuck is screaming at his mother to back off as he desperately tries to come up with a way to fix his cousin, even suggesting such ludicrous answers as time travel, as the professor tries to tell him it's too late and there's nothing they can do. Chuck ends up dropping Fly, and Anna tries to catch him, only to end up stepping on him, much to Chuck and Stella's horror. Thankfully, it turns out Fly is fine, albeit having a broken leg, and what they thought was him was just a stuffed fish of the same species.
  • The Adult Fear of both the parents and Aunt Anna looking for their missing children can hit close to home for parents. They find Fly's fishing hook by the beach, resulting in the mother crying and the father denying his children are dead.
    • Later, we see Aunt Anna crying and blaming herself for the children's disappearance.


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