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Trivia / Help! I'm a Fish

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  • Actor Allusion: When setting out to find the now-fish-ified kids, Professor MacKrill (Terry Jones) sings to himself that he must "find the fish."
  • Fan Nickname: "Snapefish" for Joe, due to sharing the same voice actor (Alan Rickman).
  • What Could Have Been: The pilot trailer for the film showed the characters with completely different designs and names.
    • There seemed to be a cut character from the film that would have asked the protagonists to stop Joe's reign, which would've led to a scene where they use the fish potion to revert the fish back to normal.
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    • Sasha is absent from the trailer, implying that she was created later.
    • In the trailer Professor MacKrill says that the potion turning people into fish is an accident, meaning that in the original story the potion had a different purpose. It was most likely meant give people fish-like capabilities but not turn them into fish entirely.


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