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Tear Jerker / Hayate the Combat Butler

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  • After Hayate took the entrance exam to Hakuo, Nagi throws him a party. Just when he's beginning to have fun and believe in his abilities, Yukiji tells him that he didn't pass. Before Nagi could say anything, Hayate immediately leaves to the yard to mope and chastise himself for ever expecting to get in.
  • Athena's time sitting next to the Despair Event Horizon after her and Hayate's break up.
  • A little funny, but there's the time when Hayate tells Maria his to have an apartment. Not a particularly big apartment, either. Remember, this is not his goal, it is his dream. It is the absolute highest he will aim for. And when he misinterprets the shocked look on Maria's face, he says " it too much?" Dear lord, man.
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  • Hayate's childhood. Need we say more?
  • Played completely for laughs, but honestly, despite how horrible Hayate's parent were, he did always (apparently) have a house. So what happened that he was 'used to being arrested for being homeless'?
  • The life in the Violet Mansion in the manga so far would eventually end. The FIRST EPISODE of the 2012 anime proves this. Nagi has her inheritance back, the question is now 'What was the price for its return?' And speaking about the new series "What happened at VEGAS to drive NAGI like that?"
  • Chapter 431. After the first half, which is filled with hilarious antics, the plot quickly turns into this. As Hayate tries to get Ruka to stop teasing him, they both just stop talking, and she leans her head on his chest. He tells her that she shouldn't, because she's going back to being an idol. She offers to throw away everything. Before she can finish, a firework goes off, cutting her off. Hayate looks at the fireworks, and mentions that the fireworks have started. She gives a sad smile. They start watching them together, and Hayate says she'll shine just like them as an idol. She asks him to keep looking at the fireworks, and writes a note and sticks it in his pocket. They watch the fireworks a bit more, and she wishes that that moment could last forever. Hayate agrees, and the next panels are of his face as he looks down. The next panel shows that Ruka has left. He pulls out the note. One one side is, "Goodbye". The other side, with a handdrawn picture of a grinning Ruka, says, "I hope you regret not marrying me for the rest of your life! <3".
    • Hayate: (with a sad smile on his face) Don't worry. I already regret it.
  • Athena realizing just how abusive she's been to Hayate. She loves him and only ever wanted to help him, but she winds up hurting him anyway.
  • Chapter 483. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, though no less sad for it, where Hayate says that he thinks that "no one would ever fall in love with me except by mistake." His self-esteem is so shot that he thinks anyone who falls in love with him is wrong to do so because he isn't good enough. Sniff.
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  • In one of the chapters during Golden Week arc, Hayate and Hinagiku go on for a walk together during night time. Hayate brought the idea of asking Hinagiku if there is a guy she likes. Hinagiku thought that this is the time for her Love Confession towards him, which she was bearing in silent for long. However, it really made Hinagiku heartbroken since Hayate started confessing that he's in love with Athena (A-tan). note  It really hurt her heart so much that she had to try not to cry in front of Hayate and furthermore cheered him to go help the girl he likes. Fans would find this quite sad if they ship Hayate with Hinagiku. Likewise, it could had happen to just any other girls who Hayate go out with that night.
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  • Ayumu in general. She was a normal high school girl who is a klutz and nearly died because she could not steer her bicycle. She was saved by Hayate and fell in love with him. However, after learning about Hayate's background, she was frustrated that she could not do anything for Hayate in any means and always being saved by him instead. On top of that, she was jealous of Hinagiku, who was a diligent, beautiful student council president that assisted Hayate in his studies and Nagi, who was wealthy to cover up Hayate's debt.
  • While saying that she doesn't want to inherit the Sanzenin's estate, she ends up coming back to her old mansion with tears after she realised that nobody appreciates her manga and most of the people just bought her manga for the bonus included, then either stepped on or throw her works into the garbage can.