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Trivia / Hayate the Combat Butler

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  • Crossdressing Voices: Ryōko Shiraishi provides the Japanese voiceover for Hayate.
    • This also applies to the French dub of the first season where he's voiced by Justine Hostekint and the Korean dub of the first two seasons where he's voiced by Jeong-Hwa Yang.
    • Averted in Filipino dub. Hayate Ayasaki is voiced by two people (all are males): Jonel Bituin (from the first two seasons and OVA) and Fourth Lee (subsequent seasons). Wataru Tachibana is also included in this trope where he was voiced by three people: Ely Martin, Jefferson Utanes, and AJ Constantino.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally the author had written a one-shot manga about a high school student and her sister dealing with a debt. These characters became Yukiji and Hinagiku.
    • Bonus chapters say there was a big reveal planned around Maria's family. Namely that she's actually Hayate's half sister, forcing him to deal with the fact he has a crush on someone in his own family.
    • The original ending to the hiking arc in volumes 14-15 was cut because another manga at the same time had an identical joke by a freak coincidence.
  • The Wiki Rule: There's a wiki for the series canon.