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Tear Jerker / Golden Sun

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers will be unmarked. You have been warned.

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    Golden Sun: The Broken Seal 

  • Golden Sun begins with a major Tearjerker. Ten minutes into playing the first game, the Mt. Aleph boulder destroyed a dock where Isaac's dad, Jenna's parents, and Felix were standing. Of course, the game had to use slow-motion photos of the parents hopelessly trying to escape as the huge boulder came hurtling down inches above their heads. If Isaac speaks to Jenna and Dora, both of them are barely able to speak with Dora begging Kyle not to leave her alone and Jenna begging for her parents and brother to not be dead.
  • If Isaac visits his mother, Dora about halfway through the game he will find her seriously ill and bed ridden. While she and everyone else in Vale assure Isaac that it's nothing serious and to not worry, reading their minds will reveal that Dora's condition is worse than they are letting on and they're trying not to worry Isaac or distract him from his quest.
    • Dora's situation in general is heartbreaking. The game starts with her thinking that she has lost the love of her life but then her son gets sent away on a journey that might get him killed, leaving her all alone. If you mind read her while she's sleeping you'll find that she still has nightmares about the night Kyle died.
  • After Tret's Superpowered Evil Side is destroyed, he realizes that he has committed a terrible atrocity by turning the people of Kolima into trees who will now die with him and the forest and loses all hope. If you read his mind you'll find that his final thoughts are begging for forgiveness from Kolima and its people. Thank goodness you get to turn things around.
  • After saving Hammet and returning to Kalay, Lady Layana lashes out at Ivan and the others for going against her wishes and running off to save Hammet on their own and putting their quest to stop Saturos on hold. Ivan quietly apologizes for their actions and the group leaves Kalay to continue their quest. If you read her mind before leaving, however, you can discover that Layana is extremely grateful that Ivan saved Hammet, but she also knows that their quest is ultimately more important so she has to be cruel to make him leave Kalay and continue.
  • Some of the Tolbi soldiers that were defeated by Saturos and Menardi on their way to Venus Lighthouse will succumb to their wounds and die in front of you when you talk to them, some even expressing regret at their inability to safeguard Sheba. Tolbi may have been in the wrong by holding Sheba hostage, but it's clear that they never wanted her to be hurt and now many of its men have lost their lives over the whole ordeal.
  • Sheba's tearful goodbye to Felix at Venus Lighthouse as she falls to what she thinks will be her death. After learning more about her past in the sequel and motives for wanting to go on a quest with Felix, it becomes a bit heartbreaking to consider that she thought she was going to die in a meaningless way without answers.


    Golden Sun: The Lost Age 
  • Alex casually mentions to Kraden that his master and father figure, Babi, has passed away and Felix's group might be getting blame for it. For a rare moment in the entire game, Kraden is left speechless and in shock for the rest of the conversation until the subject of Lemuria comes up. Seeing the normally chipper and energetic Kraden so grief stricken can be unsettling.
  • The entire state that Izumo is in before you defeat the Serpent. A terrible evil from Legend had resurrected and the village feels like the only way to appease it is to sacrifice someone to it. Kushinada is chosen for this, and all she can do is cry by herself as she awaits her death.
  • Piers finally makes it back home to Lemuria only to find that his mother has passed away after thinking he would be lost to Lemuria forever. Piers spends a majority of the rest of the trip to Lemuria grieving over his mother.
  • Isaac and Ivan getting KO'ed and almost killed by Agaito and Karst comes as a major Player Punch to people that played the first game. If Felix had been even another second late...
  • Sheba revealing why she wanted to travel with Felix. She was trying to find her real home and felt that if she travelled with Felix, she hoped to find it since she was unable to remember it. Luckily the party understands and cheers her up.
  • One after another gets delivered once you get the cannon in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. First, there's the poor fate of Prox, teetering on the edge of infinity with eternal winters. Then, once you get into Mars Lighthouse itself, it appears all frozen, and somewhat counterintuitive. Finally, you meet some Fire Dragons, and battle them, and to no surprise, it's Karst and Agatio who die shortly afterwards. The the final boss is Felix and Jenna's parents and Isaac's father, as a dragon, which makes Jenna freak out.
    • Mia and Piers try their hardest to revive them but fail and Jenna just breaks down crying. The party lashes out at the Wise One for turning them into a dragon until Isaac tells them to stop and solemnly explains that he knew what he was doing the moment the fight started and that he's sure his parents would understand. If you talk to Isaac before lighting the Mars Lighthouse beacon, he says he has no idea how to explain what happened to his mother.
    • It's also revealed that if the party was defeated by the Doom Dragon or refused to fight it, the parents would have died anyway due to not having the energy to maintain such a powerful form. Whether the party won or lost, Isaac's father and Jenna and Felix's parents were destined to die.
    • Turns into Heartwarming since due to the special nature that Mars and Venus share, their parents are revived, but it was still one trying experience.
  • The dialogue right before the ending CG... Garet is the one guy who didn't suffer anything through both games, not even from the boulder incident, his family is whole, functional, happy, was safe at home and happy to see him when he visited in the first game. When you reach Vale at the end, for a moment, the group (and player) is led to believe that everyone in Vale died - so while Isaac just found his dad again and Jenna and Felix finally got their parents back... Garet realizes he's all alone in the world. Then the girls start teasing him, which comes off as shockingly cruel, but it's because they've seen his family, safe and well, hiding a little way off - the mood whiplash is very intense.

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