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  • Fan Nickname: The fans called Matthew "Robin", Isaac's Japanese name, before he was officially named. Probably because fans weren't initially sure Matthew WAS a new and separate character, since he is extremely similar to Isaac.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Minor compared to several other examples of this trope, but there were long-running jokes that managed to fool a few poor newbies, such as getting Feizhi and Kraden to join the party (with Kraden being an incredibly powerful mage in the "Philosopher" class) and the infamous Wheat Sword.
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    • "Golden Sun 3" itself was an April Fools' joke for several years, complete with several hoax box covers. So fans found it a little hard to believe when "Golden Sun DS" really was announced at E3 2009.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The two Game Boy Advance games, Golden Sun: The Broken Seal and Golden Sun: The Lost Age were originally planned to be one whole game, but due to the limits of the cartridge space, the game had to be divided into two separate games.
    • There are a few hints in the files, particularly in the order of portraits, that suggest Alex was to be the final party member in the second game and was replaced by Piers. In this case, Alex's remark about being replaced is a subtle Development Gag.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Golden Sun Universe encyclopedia.

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