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The first thing you have to realize about the music of Golden Sun is that when the game was first released, the only way to play the game was on the very first iteration of the Game Boy Advance. This system only had one actual speaker and yet the music managed to sound absolutely phenomenal. In these three games, Motoi Sakuraba goes on to compose some of the finest music he has ever done. Sadly, to this day, no official soundtrack of either Game Boy Advance game has ever been released. There are plenty of direct game-rips out on The Internet, though.


Golden Sun (The Broken Seal) and Golden Sun: The Lost Age


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

  • A new version of the main theme which sounds more epic and adventure-inspiring than ever.
  • Fight of Sons, the first battle theme — which unfortunately is temporarily replaced after the prologue in which Isaac is a Guest-Star Party Member (it becomes the main battle theme later in the game). This techno remix by DJtheSdotcom amplifies the awesomeness of the song, especially when it rises in pitch during the last minute or so.
  • ...not that Matthew's first battle theme is that bad either, as well as the remix of it that plays when getting into a battle while sailing the ship.
  • Endless Wall/Apollo's Ascent. Few tracks really capture that intense urgency that comes with saving the world.
  • Apollo Sanctum theme. The appropriately tense drums and bassline really drive home that this is a very dangerous place but the bells add an almost mystical feel as befits the name Apollo Sanctum.
  • The final boss theme is a dark, booming theme that screams at the player that the fate of all of Weyard is at stake.

Alternative Title(s): Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Golden Sun The Lost Age, Golden Sun The Broken Seal


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