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Tear Jerker / Franklin

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  • Granny's tale of losing her parents and home in a fire in Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure definitely qualifies.
  • One could easily shed a tear for Harriet in Franklin's Magic Christmas when she breaks down crying after she and Franklin get lost in the woods and Franklin becomes rather angrier than he should. (Though, to Franklin's credit, he realizes quickly that he messed up and he also takes responsibility.)
  • "Franklin's Bad Day" really hits hard when you learn why Franklin is upset.note 
  • "Franklin Growing Up Fast" when Bear points out the things Franklin won't be able to do when he's older.
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  • There was "Franklin Says Sorry" where Franklin breaks Bear's promise and the way he reacted to it. As a result, Bear doesn't talk and even ignores showing contact with Franklin for days.
    Bear: (angry) That's the last time I tell you a secret, Franklin! (storms off)
    Beaver: Gee, I'm glad I didn't tell anyone.
    Snail: He sure was mad.
    Fox: Yeah, I've never heard him say stuff like that to you before, Franklin.
    Franklin: (sighs) Me neither...
  • In "Back to School with Franklin," Badger can't join her schoolmates in playing soccer, and is stuck watching them from the sidelines.
  • God, poor little Snail... In "Hurry Up, Franklin", Snail left a whole day early just so he can make it to Bear's surprise party on time. Unfortunately, he still won't be on time despite his early departure. He tells Franklin his story and they both end up crying. The worst part is that Snail says he is gonna be late "again"! This has happened already before. Who knows how many times?
    Snail: Look out, Franklin! Coming through!
    Franklin: Hey Snail! Want to play?
    Snail: No time, Franklin! I'm on my way to Bear's surprise party!
    Franklin: (gasp) Bear's party! I hope I'm not too late.
    Snail: Hope you all have fun... (sobs)
    Franklin: Snail?
    Snail: Whenever I get somewhere, the fun's always over. I left yesterday!
    Franklin: Yesterday?
    Snail: Uh-huh, so I wouldn't be late. And now, I am gonna be late! Again! (cries)
    Franklin: (crying) There there, Snail, please don't cry.
    • In the original book, Franklin nearly stepped on Snail. He would have never forgiven himself if he did.
  • Speaking of Snail, there's what happens in Franklin and the Green Knight. The entire "I Wonder" song sequence is basically one giant tearjerker as Snail is convinced that he's going to be alone once Franklin's parents have a baby and has been left alone by a frustrated Franklin. Meanwhile, Franklin is convinced that his parents will have zero time for him once the baby arrives.
    Snail: I'll miss hiding up there on his shell / 'Cause from there I get a lovely view / And if I'm gonna to lose / My best friend, Franklin / I really don't know / What I'm gonna do
    Franklin: I guess I'm just / Afraid to be alone / I guess that's just / The way it's gonna be...
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  • Also from Franklin in the Green Knight, before this happens, Snail speaks with the snow-turtle made by Franklin that has become the representation in Snail's mind of Franklin's upcoming baby sibling, telling it that it's really lucky because it'll have a big brother who will make sure it's never late and will help it with its homework and play games. He then breaks down crying, say that most of it's lucky because it'll have Franklin, still crying. This is how Franklin finds him, though he claims he has something in his eye.
  • Franklin and Bear falling out in "Franklin's Favorite Card".
    Bear: (angry) If you won't believe me, then maybe we shouldn't be best friends anymore!
    Franklin: (equally angry) You're right! Maybe we shouldn't be best friends anymore!
    Bear: Fine then!
    Franklin: Fine!
  • That moment in Franklin's Valentines when Franklin founds his Valentine's day cards on the road, all wet and ruined.
  • Snail again, in an indirect way. In "Franklin and Snail's Dream," the scene in which, after several failed attempts at helping Snail to fly, Franklin wonders to his father Mr. Turtle if maybe there some dreams too big to achieve.
  • Harriet crying over not being able to go to school with Beatrice in Back to School with Franklin and losing her daytime playmate. Thank goodness for Franklin (and blue blankie) to the rescue.


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