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Tear Jerker / Best Friends Whenever

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Cyd opening up to Shelby in "A Time To Say Thank You", about how she feels like she doesn't fit in with Shelby's family and feels guilty about this due to how nice they've all been to her, not to mention her admitting her own family was no where near as close. Considering Cyd generally comes across as a standard tough girl and tomboy, seeing her open up and admit to feeling so insecure is practically heart breaking.
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  • Really its quite tragic to see what Barry would be like without his friendship to Naldo in "The Butterscotch Effect" namely all his negative traits and problems would be hopeless out of control, and he would be a lonely emotionless, revenge obsessed mad scientist.
  • The deterioration of Cyd and Shelby's relationship throughout "Shake Your Booty" brought on by the side effects of traveling through time outside of their lifespans. Namely they start the episode even closer than normal, with constant complimenting the other. Than after traveling back to the seventies, the period begins to consume them, so that as time goes on they begin to forget about each other (and themselves), till finally in detention Shelby and Cyd can't even recognise each other or remember that they ever had a best friend, and Cyd even joins in with the other Punks in bullying Shelby due to her being in the Disco clique. Thankfully the manage to over come it at the last minute, but really seeing such a close friendship almost slip into nonexistence by absolutely no fault of either party is incredibly tragic.
    • From the same episode there is Barry and Naldo's realisation that girls are being consumed by the timeline and may not be able to get them back. It finally hits its head, when they try their last minute gambit to save them, only for it to fail before they even get a chance. And you can actually see them realising they will never see their friends again.
  • Janet Smythe dragging Cyd into the Molecular Separator in "Cyd and Shelby Strike Back" while Shelby can only helplessly watch and beg her to let her go. Upon getting free Shelby tries to save her friend, but after being constantly hit by Janet's stun lasers is reduced to only crawling. She manages to get the Molecular Separator open, only to find Cyd seemingly dead. Thankfully she's not, but for a serious moment Shelby was left believing Janet had killed her best friend.
    • In two different timelines,Barry and Marci start a relationship. After Cyd and Shelby defeat Janet Smythe, they go back to reset it yet again. Not wanting to lose her, he tries to fight Time to preserve their budding romance.
      Barry: I'll remember you, Marci. I'll remember that I like you.

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