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  • So, acknowledging that the fact that this is a Sitcom and therefore the Rule of Funny applies, I have a question. In "A Time To Cheat", Barry has absolutely no clue how his invention caused Shelby and Cyd to time travel, but in the Pilot, he mentioned that it was a possible outcome of them messing with it. Logically, he must have some had some reason to believe that in the first place, so how does he not have a single guess about what might have caused it?
    • He knows his machine caused the time traveling but he doesn't know that it hit multiple items before hitting the girls. All he did in "A Time To Cheat" was set it to 400 before zapping himself with it. But I don't know how we knew his machine could cause time travel - I guess that part is where the 'rule of funny'/"it's a disney sitcom don't overthink it" type of thing applies.
    • I got the impression he was simply stating that the ray could have done nearly anything to them, and was over empathizing to make the point how dangerous it could have been. And ended up being accidentally right.
  • The second alternate timeline in "The Butterscotch Effect" establishes that Barry met Naldo because he missed out on meeting his favorite scientist when he was a kid, so how did he and Naldo meet in the first alternate timeline where he didn't miss out on that experience?
    • Its possible that Naldo was still at the high school after Barry left the lecture and they met up, where as in the second time line Barry probably left shortly after missing the lecture (having had no reason to stay).
  • In "Shake Your Booty", Cyd and Shelby get their 70's outfits from the lost and found, but where do they get their 70's hairdos? They made a joke about the outfits but they couldn't include a line about the hair?
    • In "Shake Your Booty", Barry calls his dad to ask if his mom isn't Shelby. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask what his mom's name is?
    • About "Shake Your Booty": was it a closed time-loop? Barry and Naldo see Cyd and Shelby's pictures peppered throughout the yearbook in the present, but were they in the pictures the whole time? If they looked at the yearbook the day before, would they have seen themselves? Did they go back and change the past, or did they go because history said they already went back?
      • Its never confirmed either way, but it seems they did change the past. They would have certainly noticed the pictures before they went back otherwise.
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  • There were far easier things Cyd and Shelby could've done to stop Janet without causing her to hunt them down: Why didn't they take a small object (there were plenty of small objects within their reach, or jump to their present to get a small object), pass the first trap, and then throw the object at the lamp? They could then leave before Janet came in. Or, why didn't they jumped forward to their time, get Barry to invent an EMP (because Barry can invent a lot of unusual things within a short span of time, like the laser), and use the EMP to knock out all electronics (including all the lights, and the security systems)? After doing so they could then travel forward to their present before Janet sees them. The future of them not living together will just be a minor issue they can fix later on.
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  • The bigger question is, why don't Cyd and Shelby warn Barry about Janet? They've traveled through time to see how terrible Janet is, and Barry is their only friend who will believe them about their adventures through time.
  • Why wasn't Janet's disappearance reported as a missing person of interest? Given how high profile she was and the fact she ran a million dollar company, surely many people would have noticed when she never returned to work after going to confront the girls at their high school? It can't have escaped public notice that if someone walks into a building, then doesn't walk out again, it's obvious something happened to them while they were inside.

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