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Tear Jerker / Archipelago Exodus

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The Crystal Part 1
    • Link (and the post immediately after): Sly's and Zebedee's Mental Fusion stirs up several very emotional, tragic memories in both of their minds, especially the recollection of a visit to the grave of Sly's deceased wife Amiila.
  • Obscured Truth: Court is in Session
    • The posts opening (link) and closing (link) the visit to the Odio household are pretty rough, particularly in the tension between Illiana (who's entirely innocent and sympathetic) and Ellen Odio (whom we nevertheless can't fault for mistrusting her).
    It was Mr. Yoshimitsu who broke the circle first. After a nod in Williams' direction, he rather awkwardly sauntered out into the hall and then out the front door. Landsvale followed him after a brief salute to Williams and a gentle wave to the Odios. Ms. Silna lingered the longest, blushing, probably still hurt and anxious after Mrs. Odio's outburst, her mouth open and on the edge of speech. When the sound of the visitors' car starting came in from outside, the spell broke: She murmured, "Well — thanks again," directed somewhere in between Williams and the Odios, apparently so that all three of them would receive it, and then hurried out of the house, careful (judging by Williams' ears) not to let the screen door slam behind her.
  • Quenching the Ucalegon
    • Link: The death of Sacrificial Lion Flidais, the German Shepherd companion to Treasach, is a tough read.
  • (Dis)Orientation
    • Link: At the corner of Tear Jerker Boulevard and Nightmare Fuel Avenue, we have Talia's power demonstration going awry and bringing back flashes of another disastrous time when she lost control of her powers in the past, vaporizing her father.
    • Link: Around the same time, ten-year-old Dalisay shows an unexpectedly despairing side.
    "Do you hate your powers, too?"
    • Link: Carlos panic attack and flashback. A scared boy being attacked by a dog that had been specifically trained to restrain him while his mother does nothing but sneer.

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