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Tear Jerker / Anchor Foal

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  • The climatic point of chapter 17, where Fluttershy, after a disastrous date, manages to tell Caramel that she never wants to date him again before she flies away. Caramel is visibly heartbroken, especially because he has no idea why things went so wrong (long story short: jealous Discord), and thanks Fleur for at least helping him to get a date with Fluttershy, as he's been crushing on her for a while. Fleur just stays silent; her entire reason for setting Caramel up with Fluttershy as the latter's first date was because she knew that Fluttershy wouldn't like him, so she saw Caramel as the perfect patsy for Fluttershy to practice rejecting ponies on. It culminates in this exchange:
    Caramel: "Fleur?"
    She waited.
    "I'm... glad you're my friend."
    And she took her designated victim home.

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