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Tear Jerker / Always Raining Here

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  • Carter and Adrian's emotional states before they met, Carter being a 'colossal douchebag' desperate for sex, Adrian being heartbroken after what was with David.
    Adrian: He destroooyed my heart. Rrripped it out. Dansched on it. Fatality. Bloody and gruesome, you know. We're friends now i guess, so it's fine.
  • Maria being sexually assaulted in the bedroom, and Carter gets injured from fighting the guy off. Basically the entire party and aftermath is an angstfest.
    Adrian: What's wrong with mee? It's just... everything seems to come back to you, doesn't it? I mean, you're a total sex obsessed dick but you're here. You're here and in front of me, and you're the only one who makes it easy for me. The only fricking one...
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  • Adrian's expression when he retracts his hand from next to Carter's when they're stargazing.
  • The heartbreaking disappointment on Carter's face when Adrian reveals he was kidding about kissing him, even after working up a sweat to beat him. He attempts to laugh it off.
    Carter:Oh. Okay. Hahahaha..." Subverted; Adrian was actually joking about that and kisses him anyway.
  • Adrian and Carter's faces after they give each other handjobs and their expressions of regret.
  • Carter walking home depressed in the pouring rain, not even bothering to put on his hood as he slowly becomes drenched once again.
  • Their argument in which Carter drops the bombshell: "You've been using me." Adrian's response? "Forget it." Cue Carter's heartbroken face, only to be made worse when he returns the theatre tickets and skips school.