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Tear Jerker / A World Less Visible

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  • Ash crossing the Despair Event Horizon after begging for his father's life. He's screaming for his daddy, and Sima's telling him it's his fault his father is being killed.
  • Ash's breakdown after he sees the people he loves and trusts be willing to torture someone for information. It takes Gabriel somehow reciting Ash's own Survival Mantra and understanding why Ash has to keep telling himself 'it was mercy' before Ash is even able to speak again.
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  • Ash wanting to be fixed, and Daniel sadly realizing that Sanity Slippage isn't something that can be healed by physical means.
  • Stasya opening Patrick's gift. They were so close to having a real future together. It's made worse when you realize Stasya had already lost a family, and now she's lost her Replacement Goldfish as well.
  • Even after Wren crosses the Moral Event Horizon the first time it's clear Adam still loves her and wants to get her away from the Cabal in the hopes of saving her.
  • Adam is made to kill his best friend. It's made worse by the fact his best friend realizes that Adam has no choice, and doesn't even try to defend himself so as not to hurt Adam any further.
  • When Laura tries to offer to help Adam, he's so far past the ability to trust anyone that he flat out refuses to listen. All he can see is the possibility of exchanging one master for another and his opinion of magic is With Great Power Comes Great Insanity .
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  • Lidia realizing her friend and mentor not only knew where her son was all along, but is friends with his captor.

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