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For the trope also known as "To Say the Least", see Understatement.


To Say the Least is a word-association game that aired on NBC from the fall of 1977 through the summer of 1978. Hosted by Tom Kennedy, this game features two teams of three players — one all-male and one all-female team, each comprised of a contestant and two celebrities. The goal of the game is to identify people, places, or objects, but usually only after words are taken out of the description.


The front game starts off with two members from each team hidden behind the contestants' podium, unable to hear or see what's happening onstage. The remaining players are presented with a short sentence describing a specific subject (similar to the one seen above). The players take turns hiding a single word from the description. This continues until one player challenges the opposing team to solve the puzzle based on what words are left on the board, or automatically accepting the challenge for his/her team by leaving one word on the board. If the challenged team correctly identifies the subject, that team wins a game; failing to do so automatically awards the opponents the game. Winning two games wins a match, a prize package, and the right to play the All-Star Game; contestants stayed on until winning seven matches or losing two.


The All-Star Game uses the same concept, but the winning contestant plays with all four celebrities. The celebrities are placed into an individual Sound Proof Booth, then the player is given a new subject and a new description. Before getting the celebrities involved, the contestant whittles the full clue down to three words. One celebrity comes out and attempts to guess the puzzle, with a successful guess winning the contestant $100. One more word is removed, and the next celebrity comes out to identify the subject based on only two words; success this time wins an extra $200. Finally, one more word is removed, and the two remaining celebrities each get one chance to identify the topic based on last word remaining. If either of the two final stars are successful, the contestant wins a Progressive Jackpot of at least $2,000 cash.


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