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Following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Patti Stanger is a professional matchmaker. However, Patti's clientele is very different than that of her family's tradition. Patti runs the Millionaire's Club, a place where the extremely wealthy can come to meet their perfect match; her clients want someone who will love them for themselves and not for their money. Whether they are looking for a Brainy Brunette, The Ingenue, or a Blonde Republican Sex Kitten, Patti will find her client a partner that will best fit their personality and stage in life. Whether or not they take her advice is another matter completely!


On each episode, Patti takes on two millionaire clients, most often straight males but occasionally female and/or homosexual. Sometimes they are suave and charming (or actual royalty), and occasionally they are young, awkward moguls who barely know how to talk to a girl. She throws mixers to introduce them to the parade of women who audition to be a part of her club. The millionaires choose someone from the mixer to take on an individual date, which they must plan themselves while heeding Patti's advice (which she is never shy to give!). At the end, the audience learns how things went for the millionaire and their date and whether or not they are still together. Millionaire Matchmaker airs on Bravo in the U.S. and Slice in Canada.


Tropes Include:

  • Brutal Honesty: Patti is not shy about telling her Millionaires not to be a Jerkass with the girls, and will verbally reprimand them if she finds out he broke one of her rules. She will also tell the girls straight to their face to buy a new bra or dress before the mixer if they want to be chosen.
  • Catch-Phrase: All of Patti's mixers begin with her proclaiming "Meet my Millionaires!"
  • Cerebus Syndrome: It happened from Season 2 onwards, and after the episode Hello Kitty in a One-Horse Town, it got progressively more serious.
  • Plenty of Blondes: When her millionaires are interested in brunettes Patti, often has trouble finding enough to attend a mixer; a disproportionate amount of her "girls" are blonde.
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