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In Your Dreams is a German-Australian television series, set primarily in Germany but filmed in English.

Teenage Australian twins Sam and Ben Hazelton are sent to live in a German castle for the summer with their eccentric distant relatives, the von Hasenbergs. Among other misadventures, they have to stave off the bankruptcy of the castle while foiling the plots of the greedy Uncle Hermann to steal the castle. Meanwhile, Sam is in a band with her friends Jack and Lucy back in Australia, and has to navigate music class, school drama, and band competitions from halfway around the world. Other major characters include Ben's crush Sophie, who works in the castle's cafe, and Marcus, who apparently does all the actual work required to run the castle.


This Series Provides Examples Of:

  • All Part of the Show: In one episode, the characters plan a murder mystery dinner, where one of them pretends to be murdered and the guests have to figure out who did it using scripted clues. However, an unfortunate chain of coincidences results in there being an actual mystery to solve, which they have to awkwardly improvise around while pretending that everything is going as planned. At the end, one of the guests deduces exactly what really happened and compliments them on the mystery.
  • Impoverished Patrician: the von Hasenbergs live in a castle but are constantly fighting bankruptcy.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • Sam's band has to perform in front of the class for their final music grade, but they have to be in Germany at the same time for the big band competition. She arranges for everyone in the class to come to school in the middle of the night, and they perform via internet livestreaming.
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    • Later done when Ben "adopts" Philip van Hasenberg as his son in order to return ownership of the castle.
  • "Rashomon"-Style: Jack and Lucy give different accounts of Jack's breakup. Jack's version is much more flattering to him, while Lucy's is probably close to reality.
  • The Song Remains the Same: All of the songs remain in English for the German dub
  • The Von Trope Family: Justified with the von Hasenbergs since they're actually a German noble family.