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Sequence Breaking / Cossacks: European Wars

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By proper maneuvering and use of exploits, it's possible to gain access to worker units and buildings in campaign missions or single missions of Cossacks: European Wars and its expansions that were written as baseless or with the base being granted far, far later.

  • The most notable example is the first mission of the Polish campaign in The Art of War. By itself, this mission is insanely difficult, but if you betray the small group of merchants hauling their goods to the local marketplace and then drag them to the village at the starting position in the map, they will capture the place and its worker units, which you can then recapture as your own. And with extra effort, you can even use that trade caravan to take over the marketplace they were heading and the gold mine, just to recapture them as your own, allowing you to keep upgrading your musketeers and pikemen for what will be pocket change with the constant flow of gold, rather than struggling under the scripted money rewards of the scenario. You can also just destroy the mine with a mortar (if you've built an arsenal and traded resources at the marketplace beforeheand) and build a new one in its place if you haven't yet killed the Tatars guarding it.
    • Really, that entire mission is about sequence breaking if you plan to simply survive, even without outright cheesing via recapturing the base. This even includes circling to the spots from where enemies normally attack, aggro handful of units, lure them to the orange fort's musketeers, get back and defeat them with ease. Rinse and repeat, until you defeated 3-6 small groups instead of a murderous horde of units. This becomes particularly important once you start facing cossacks and their serdiuks.
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  • The second mission of the Russian campaign of European Wars is also quite difficult. 10 serfs are given to you, but they can't build anything since you have no warehouse, zero stone and zero wood. They can merely harvest corn for food to keep your units from dying of hunger, thus you can only produce Don Cossacks, and not many of them at that. There is a Tatar hold way down south with a warehouse, said warehouse will be automatically set on fire upon capture... unless you send serfs to repair it. Once it's captured and repaired, your serfs can harvest wood (don't forget to destroy your base's wooden walls, it consumes wood) nearby... and stone all the way to your base. It takes some time, but from there you can build an economy that will rely entirely on wood, stone and food and screw the semi-Baseless Mission premise of the mission, rendering the rest of it a cakewalk.
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  • For the first level of the Saxony campaign in The Art of War, it's ridiculously easy (in any difficulty) to use your rider to lure a large pack of bandits from the black-colored faction into a nearby town hall with only a handful of guards and a rider from the orange faction (your allies), who will get killed. All you have to do next is to kill the bandits with your units and recapture the town hall. You can now build an economy (although lacking gold and coal mines) and an army to steamroll the rest of the map. You can even take on the normally unstoppable army coming from the north.
  • Back to War has an insanely hard Single Mission where the player's worker units (from the Swedish nation) can't build anything and the base is under constant assault from Algerian pirates (made worse by a tedious way to gain iron and coal to allow your units to open fire, you only have a gold mine at your disposal here). There is a way to reach the blue enemy base in the North East with the available transport boats by rubbing the strait's cliffs (you'll have to save and reload if one of the enemy xebecs spots it and destroys it). All you have to do next is to disembark your military units and capture a lone unguarded Turkish worker unit in the base, who is allowed to build structures. Again, make sure to destroy your base's wooden walls so your wood supplies don't decrease.


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