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Quest of Fate is an Alternate Universe Fanfic/Quest hosted on Beast's Lair, written by Bird of Hermes set in the same continuity as Fate/Apocrypha. Originally a standalone adventure, it has inspired other semi-connected quests, Fimbulwinter and Con QUEST, creating what some users have dubbed a 'Questverse'.

After Darnic Yggdmillennia stole the Greater Grail after the third Fuyuki Holy Grail War in the 1940's, Subcategory Holy Grail Wars derivatives began to appear in the world of magi - smaller Holy Grail Wars based upon the wide dissemination of the inner mechanics of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Each of the Subcategory Holy Grail Wars has different procedures and as such have no pre-defined notions of structure as well as various rules unique to each Grail War. The only commonality is the notion of the summoning of Servants, the necessity of Masters and the use of Command Spells.


Taking place in 2007, the story follows Seigi Nomikata during his trials as an unwilling participant in a Subcategory Holy Grail War that returned to its homeland of Fuyuki after over 50 years of peace. The prize the participants believe is to the the Holy Grail and for the last Master and Servant pair to have their wish granted. However these Subcategory Holy Grail Wars are essentially just glorified bloodbaths and not one has had a truly decisive winner yet and far grater machinations in regard to the Nomikata family are interwoven with this war.

The story is dictated by the choices of the readers featuring a cast consisting predominantly of original characters and set to be canon compliant of other Fate works.


Quest of Fate contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Lancer, the servant summoned by Seigi Nomikata. Despite being handicapped due to an interupted summoning, she has shown to be able to contend with the physically strongest servants.
  • Blue Blood: Reiner is of the entitled variety.
  • Dark Is Evil: The master of Saber calls himself 'Justice' however he is obsessed with murdering the Nomikata lineage, unpleasant in a number of ways and dresses exclusively in black.
  • Determinator: During the war Seigi gets quite sorely battered a number of times. It takes beating him to unconsciousness to keep him down so it happens a fair bit.
  • Gender Flip: Lancer's identity is Yamato Takeru who despite being a woman was made to live as a man after she killed her brother and became the new 'Prince'.
  • Playing with Fire: The preferred fighting styles of a few magi in the war. While Nomikata Sr prefers to use it from a range, Reiner's style of battle involves him setting his arms on fire and beating his opponents down with his fists.


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