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"It was then that the Crystal Ceremony was created, where the elder of each village would give the eight chosen ones crystals to wear around their necks to protect them from the miasma. Along with the crystals they received the chalice, which once filled completely with myrrh did that mean the end of the travelers' journey and to return home to keep their village's crystal alive for another year."
"may the goddess Maara watch and protect your brave soul."

Created in spring of 2016, with a restart in fall of that same year, Crystal Crusade is a role-play in the Series-related/Miscellaneous Role Play forum on Gaia Online.

It is a crossover of two video games Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIV. The plot line is distinctly Crystal Chronicles, but it borrows from the job and battle system from Final Fantasy XIV. The world draws inspiration from both games, but some names have changed while other places are original areas.


This roleplay provides examples of...

  • Aerith and Bob - We have Mi'rah, Lorelei and Stirian... and then there's Alphonse and Gloria.
  • All There in the Manual - Most character information that can't be found in the story is in the profile page.
  • No Sense of Personal Space - Durante fell asleep on Stirian's shoulder, and is constantly pushing personal space limits of ladies, particularly Lorelei.

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