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Recap / Young Justice S 1 E 22 Agendas

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Episode 22: Agendas

Takes place on November 25.

Superboy receives a message from Lex Luthor, who is now in charge of Project Cadmus. He suspects that a second clone of Superman has been created by the project, and Superboy reluctantly goes back to Cadmus to investigate. Though Guardian assures him that no such clone has been created, Superboy discovers another clone in a capsule, labeled "Project Match". This clone proceeds to violently attack Superboy, knocking him out and escaping. After recovering, Luthor informs Superboy that he is in fact half-human, and that the other clone's full-Kryptonian DNA has driven it insane. Dubbilex, the lead genomorph from the pilot episode, guides Superboy to 'Genomorph City', an underground area where the genomorphs have been escaping to so that they could lead their own lives. The clone is there as well and Superboy uses a special patch Luthor gave to him to unlock more of his Kryptonian powers temporarily.]] After the clone is subdued, Superboy confronts Luthor directly about the incident, where Luthor reveals that he was the donor of Superboy's human DNA; Superboy attempts to attack Luthor over this news, but is subdued by the phrase "Red Sun/Son", leaving him alone some time later.


Meanwhile, the Justice League has been debating whether or not to induct new members into the League, as well as questioning the presence of Dr. Fate and Captain Marvel on the team. The episode ends with the League ratifying their decision regarding new members, though what that decision is was not revealed before the end of the episode.


  • Guardian is revealed to be Roy Harper/Red Arrow's uncle, again like in the comics.
  • Luthor's frequency line references Superman the Movie.
  • Superboy is confirmed to be a half-human clone of Superman, with the human DNA coming from Lex Luthor, much like in the comics.
  • Superboy's "clone brother" (called Match) featured in this episode is from the comics as well, though his background and appearance are different there. In the show, he is actually the first attempted clone of Superman; Superboy was created after the pure-Kryptonian DNA drove it insane.
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  • Wonder Woman makes her first voiced appearance in the show, voiced by Maggie Q.

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