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Recap / Time Squad S 01 Ep 19 Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag

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The episode begins with the Time Squad appearing before Beethoven while he's in the middle of performing at a concert. The three explain that they are doing a routine check on him, and he promises that he has been only making music since he last saw Time Squad. Tuddrussel doesn’t believe him, and rips off his suit to check for wrestling tights. Before Beethoven can beat up Tuddrussel, Larry then takes Time Squad to Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1776 to visit the Boston Tea Party.

In Boston, John Hancock and Samuel Adams are head-butting each other and playing air guitars. When Time Squad arrives, both men explain that they have been messing with the British just like they told them to do. Suddenly, Larry’s alarm goes off, saying that Time Squad has another mission in this same time period. Otto realizes it is Betsy Ross, and the team teleports away.


The team appears in front of General George Washington’s “Revolutionary War Headquarters,” where the entire estate has been wrecked and deserted. Washington appears, somber and heartbroken over the state of affairs. He explains that Betsy Ross came in and turned his troops into hippies and left with them to her commune. Tuddrussel and Larry are very quiet as they listen, even a little professional while Otto is excited more thenusual, and downright star-struck over meeting Washington. He says that now there is no hope for America, as the British will be arriving soon, to destroy what hope they had for a free country and Otto promises to get the troops back.

At Ross’ commune, "The Far-Out Magical Psychetopia Farm Place. . .Farm", a hippie soldier greets Time Squad and explains that Ross created this place for harmony. Betsy Ross then arrives, saying she made tie-dye ponchos for everyone, and that Time Squad needs to wear them. Otto immediately tells Ross that the troops should be fighting the British with Washington, but Ross says Washington is “the establishment,” and that he encourages war. She says that her “farm” connects people to nature and that everyone is equal and peaceful here. Otto protests that Washington is fighting for democracy, but is stumped when Ross argues that democracy is just another term for “capitalism,” and that nobody will be happy in a democracy after 200 years. Otto concedes defeat and leaves to tell Washington.


Otto and Washington are upset at the news, believing that all hope is lost now. Gunshots are then heard in the distance, and thinking that the Britsh are now at his doorstep, Washington decides to go fight them all alone in the name of liberty. But to everyone’s surprise, the gunshots come from Ross’ commune, where all of the troops are going crazy. Washington and the Time Squad run over there and ask what is happening, and Ross says people from Boston, Hancock and Adams, just showed up with coffee for everyone and then the anarchy started. She asks Time Squad to help stop them, but Otto reminds her that with freedom comes freedom of choice. Washington says that these troops are perfect, and that all he needs is a symbolic flag for them. Ross tries her hand at making a flag using tie-dye, and shows it to him, and Washington's approval he believes that they are ready to fight. Time Squad then salutes the army and leaves.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Anachronism Stew: For laughs. Even Otto points out that Ross' commune looks less like colonial America and more like 1960's Woodstock.
  • The Cape: Washington. His bravery and patriotism and Otto's childish idolization solidifies this view of him.
  • The Cameo: Beethoven, and the Boston Tea Party members.
  • Darkest Hour: Otto laments that they've let history, and the future of the United States of America down by not convincing Betsy Ross to give back Washington's troops before the Britsh arrived to attack. Washington declares that he'll face them all himself in the name of freedom. Then chaos erupts from the commune because The Cavalry arrives in the form of Sam Adams, John Handcock, and caffeine.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Betsy Ross.
  • Stoners Are Funny: It is very obvious that the hippies are stoners as well. When the Time Squad enters the campgrounds of the commune, you can see a haze of smoke above the sign that reads, "The Far-Out Magical Psychetopia Farm Place. . .Farm". Also, all of the hippies, including Betsy Ross have pink eyes with wide irises and talk similar to how someone would if they were high. And finally, at one point, Ross gives a plate of homemade brownies to Washington. While this seems innocent enough it's still a well-known fact that brownies are a popular choice when baking with marijuana.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Betsy does care about the well being of others and wants everyone to live freely and without an establishment telling her what she can and can't do. But she persuaded Washington's entire army to abandon their stations in defending their country, which could have ended very badly for history.


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