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Episode -1: The Begun of Tigtone

The original youtube short. Tigtone is sent on a quest by Ghost Wizard to deliver seeds to a blacksmith named Beefankle. On the way, Tigtone encounters a giant snake who gives him a magic harp, goes on a sidequest to recover a pair of magic boots from a talking sun, and saves a village from starvation. When he finally arrives, he learns that it was all a prank by Ghost Wizard and destroys Beefankle's entire civilization and Beefankle himself in revenge.

Episode 0: Tigtone and the Pilot

The pilot episode. After defeating a bunch of slime captains, Tigtone is sent by the King/Queen to deliver their son to the villain Festus to be tortured to death in exchange for releasing their former court wizard and sparing their kingdom. The current court wizard does not want the old court wizard to be returned and want to rebuild the kingdom with magic after it is destroyed and so tries to sabotage Tigtone's quest. When creating a Broken Bridge doesn't work he disguises himself as a minotaur prostitute and frees the prisoner while Tigtone is doing a sidequest. In frustration at having failed his quest Tigtone throws away his inventory, but breaks an oracle potion, freeing an oracle who tells him where to find his prisoner. The wizard tries to stop Tigtone with a lake monster but Tigtone remembers his ability to control animals once every five years and recaptures the prince. Festus launches his attack on the kingdom when the prisoner doesn't arrive on time. Tigtone finally arrives and exchanges both the wizard he captured and the prince in exchange for Festus stopping his attack and releasing the old court wizard. However, the jealous wizard kills the old wizard, and the Kind/Queen gives Tigtone a quest to give the old wizard a proper burial. Tigtone gives the old wizard the most proper burial ever.

Episode 1: Tigtone and His Fellowship Of

Episode 2: Tigtone and the Beautiful War

Episode 3: Tigtone and the Wine Crisis

Episode 4: Tigtone and the Wizard Hunt

Episode 5: Tigtone and Those Elemental Kings

Episode 6: Tigtone and the Freaks of Love

Episode 7: Tigtone and His Manless Match

Episode 8: Tigtone and the Cemetery of the Dead


Episode 9: Tigtone and the Singing Blade

Episode 10: Tigtone vs. Nothing


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