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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 1 E 7 The Choice

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The Control Voice: It is the differences between people that cause conflicts - differences in religion, in race, in beliefs. What wars would be fought if the differences grew between two intelligent species: humans... and those who might ultimately replace us?

A young girl with mysterious powers is befriended by a woman with similar powers. Government agents are on the hunt for people like them.

The Control Voice: The wars of evolution are fought over generations. But sometimes only the fittest survive battles which last the briefest moments. A hundred years from now, a new race may look back and say, "This little girl's stand was a turning point."


  • Government Agency of Fiction: The unnamed agency which tracks down girls and women with telekinetic powers.
  • Mind over Matter: Aggie Travers' telekinetic powers begin to develop when she is about ten. They typically manifest when she is angry or upset, most often when other children make fun of her. Her school suspends her as a result of the numerous injuries to these children which Aggie denies causing. Unsure of how to handle their troubled daughter, her parents Joe and Leslie hire a nanny named Karen Ross. What they don't realize is that Karen was sent by a secret organization of women who possess the same telepathic powers, which diminish as they grow older. Karen is able to teach Aggie to channel and control her powers.

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