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Recap / The Librarians S1 E08 "and the Heart of Darkness"

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The gang ends up in a murderhouse in Slovakia. Think Texas Chainsaw meets Blair Witch.


  • Genius Loci: The house is alive, always has been. And it grants wishes! Except that it's stuck in thrall to Katie. Once upon a time it was a happy house. Katie's not the victim. She's the monster. The house always tries to warn people away.
  • A God Am I: Katie claims to be Death.
  • Good News, Bad News: Jenkins does this. The good news is that there will be no magical cataclysm. The bad news is, they're stuck in a mysterious house that's trying to kill them.
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  • Ironic Nursery Tune: Katie starts creepily singing "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain" shortly after revealing herself as the real villain.
  • Mundane Utility: Jones uses the magical house to play video games and eat samosas.
  • Psychopathic Woman Child: Katie comes across this way, between her creepy nursery-rhyme singing and her forgetting whether the begging or the crying comes first.


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