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Recap / The Blacklist S 2 E 20 Quon Zhang

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Quon Zhang (No. 87) provides examples of:

  • Arranged Marriage: Played With. In a very dark way. Zhang doesn't arrange marriages between two living people, he finds wives for unmarried dead men in China. For this purpose, he smuggles the bodies of women of Chinese descent although the specific case the task force worked on was involved a living bride.
  • Blackmail: Connolly tells Cooper to fall in line because he knows that Cooper perjured himself and that Charlene leaked classified information.
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  • Dark and Troubled Past: Quon Zhang has a history of misfortune. Firstly, his brother dies at a young age while unmarried. His father then loses his job months later. And finally, the worst thing, his home burns down killing his father and mother and giving him permanent scars. He believes that his father's loss of work and the death of his parents originated from his brother cursing his family from the grave due to having died unmarried.
  • Finger in the Mail: In this case, a tongue. Specifically, Jasper's “forked tongue” which Red sends to the Director.
  • Internal Reveal: Cooper find out that Tom Connolly is working for the Cabal which was revealed to the audience in the previous episode.
  • Runaway Bride: An Bai left her fiance before their marriage leading to him committing suicide. His parents want to reunite them in death.
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  • Wham Line: The reveal that what the Cabal wanted to have smuggled was a person and has already arrived to America.
    Samar: There’s going to be an attack on U.S. soil next week. You were contracted to bring an item into the country, something we believe will be instrumental in that attack. We need to know what it is and when it’s coming.
    Zhang: You’re wrong.
    Liz: We’re not wrong. We know you were contracted.
    Zhang: Not about that. I was called to arrange a delivery. But not for an item. It was an agent – The one they call Karakurt.
    Liz: Karakurt? Who is that?
    Zhang: And he’s not arriving next week. He’s already here. You see, Agent Keen, your bad luck is already beginning.


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