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Recap / The A Team S 3 E 17 Skins

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A wildlife preserve officer, Kamora Kaboko, calls in the A-Team to defeat a group of poachers, who have been killing animals on their land and who murdered her brother Kim when he attempted to put a stop to it. B.A., instantly falling in love, insists they take the case, and the team goes on a one-of-a-kind safari.

This episode contains examples of the fallowing tropes:

  • Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene: In the middle of the episode, B.A. goes for a night walk and finds Kamora also awake. They have a quiet talk about how she's feeling after the loss of her brother.
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  • Death by Transceiver: At the beginning, Kim drives a jeep to a certain spot and catches the poachers. They attempt to bribe him, which he reacts to by attempting to call in backup to apprehend them. The poachers shoot him, and the viewer hears Kamora speaking through the radio, trying to raise him.
  • Evil Poacher: The villains of the episode. They're interested in hunting down the animals on the preserve for the money, and they're not afraid to shoot any human who gets in their way either.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Murdock adapts well to the animal preserve and ends up befriending one of the chimps who lives there.
  • The Gadfly: When B.A. decides to make the flight to Africa without sedative, Murdock keeps prodding him with how they're high in the air in a vehicle that is tons of metal, and all the ways it could go wrong and kill them all. This eventually succeeds in freaking out B.A.
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  • Girl of the Week: This time, the standard love interest for the episode winds up with B.A., not Face.
  • Nobody Can Die: Averted. In the opening, Kim comes upon the poachers. When their attempt to bribe him fails, they shoot him, and the viewer sees his body fall to the ground.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When B.A., whose catchphrase is "I ain't going on no airplane!", decides to make a flight without sedative, you know he's serious about impressing the woman he's in love with.
  • "Rediscovering Roots" Trip: Murdock acts like the trip is this to B.A. and spends a lot of time waxing philosophical about B.A. rediscovering his African ancestry. B.A. couldn't care less, and finds Murdock's antics here just as insufferable as ever.
  • Subverted Catch-Phrase: B.A. insists initially on going on the plane without sedative, not wanting Kamora to think he's afraid. However, mid-flight, he freaks out and the team has to sedate him anyway, whereupon Hannibal gives this variation on his catchphrase:
    Hannibal: I love it when B.A. comes sleep.