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Recap / The A Team S 2 E 17 Pure Dee Poison

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A country preacher comes to the A-Team for help. A man in his county is brewing moonshine, which, to add insult to injury, is made with such poor equipment that the residue in the moonshine can poison or even kill those who drink it, and he's selling it all over the county. The team heads to the town to run the moonshiners out of business.

This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Evil Laugh: Murdock does a lot of cackling during the episode.
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  • Falling into His Arms: As Taylor's daughter Stephanie is putting something on a high shelf, she stumbles backwards. Fortunately, B.A. is standing behind the ladder and catches her.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Face shorts out the surveillance camera for a few minutes so that the team can get by without being noticed. The guard just attributes it to the low quality of the surveillance equipment.
  • Locking MacGyver in the Store Cupboard: The shed that Drew's men lock the team, Tawnia, and Stephanie in has everything that they need to make a tank, complete with cannons, out of a tractor.
  • Tempting Fate: Two back-to-back examples.
    • After patting down Hannibal to ensure that he's not hiding any guns, the guys who run one of the local joints decide Tawnia can't be hiding a gun. She pulls one out of her hat.
    • The guys who run the joint shakily say that Tawnia wouldn't shoot. Cue Hannibal taking the gun and declaring that she wouldn't but he would.
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  • Undercover as Lovers: Hannibal and Tawnia pose as a guy and a girl going out for a drink to get into one of the bars.

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