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Recap / Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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Recap page for Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

All spoilers in recap pages will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
The galaxy has changed. The Clone Wars have ended with the execution of Order 66, and in the chaos of the aftermath, Clone Force 99 is forced to go on the run as mercenaries as the Galactic Republic transforms into a Galactic Empire eager to stamp out any non-conformists and dissenters like themselves. The crew takes the mysterious young girl Omega with them and try to make sense of what has happened in a post-war galaxy that just got much, much more dangerous.
  1. "Aftermath"
  2. "Cut and Run"
  3. "Replacements"
  4. "Cornered"
  5. "Rampage"
  6. "Decommissioned"
  7. "Battle Scars"
  8. "Reunion"
  9. "Bounty Lost"
  10. "Common Ground"
  11. "Devil's Deal"
  12. "Rescue on Ryloth"
  13. "Infested"
  14. "War-Mantle"
  15. "Return to Kamino"
  16. "Kamino Lost"

    Season 2 

The Bad Batch has continued their mercenary work, but they soon begin to debate their place in the galaxy as the Empire’s strength grows and the future of all clones comes into question. While some within the Empire’s ranks begin to question their orders, and others outside try to figure out what kind of life they want to live, a sinister plot brews in the quietest corners of the galaxy that will leave the Bad Batch forever changed.

  1. "Spoils of War"
  2. "Ruins of War"
  3. "The Solitary Clone''
  4. "Faster"
  5. "Entombed"
  6. "Tribe"
  7. "The Clone Conspiracy"
  8. "Truth and Consequences"
  9. "The Crossing"
  10. "Retrieval"
  11. "Metamorphosis"
  12. "The Outpost"
  13. "Pabu"
  14. "Tipping Point"
  15. "The Summit"
  16. "Plan 99"

    Season 3 
Clone Force 99’s prospects have never looked grimmer. As they pull out all the stops to mend their broken family, darkness closes in from all sides as the Emperor presses on with his mysterious agenda that has the crew firmly in its' grasp. The time has come for the Bad Batch to decide what their destinies will be - one final mission.
  1. "Confined"
  2. "Paths Unknown"
  3. "Shadows of Tantiss"
  4. "A Different Approach"
  5. "The Return"
  6. "Infiltration"
  7. "Extraction"
  8. "Bad Territory"
  9. "The Harbinger"

  10. "Identity Crisis"

  11. "Point of No Return"

  12. "Juggernaut"

  13. "Into the Breach"

  14. "Flash Strike"

  15. "The Cavalry Has Arrived"