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This is a recap page of Sonny with a Chance. Do keep in mind that many episodes reuse "Sonny", "Chance" and "With" several times in their titles so it's not a typo.

Season One

1. Sketchy Beginnings: Sonny Munroe comes to So Random! to fill in the shoes of a departed actress. But Tawni antagonizes her feeling that she should stay the lead star.
2. West Coast Story: Sonny Munroe comes into conflict with the sadistic jerkass drama lead Chad Dylann Cooper from Mackenzie Falls, a rival show to So Random! that gets better ratings (and better reviews).
3. Sonny at the Falls: Chad seduces Sonny into joining Mackenzie Falls fearing that she has too much comedic charm and can help boost the popularity of So Random!
4. You've Got Fan Mail: Sonny has to figure out who her first fan mail came from.
5. Cheater Girls: Sonny is ordered by her mother to improve her geometry grades or else she can leave the show.
6. Three's Not Company: Sonny's old friend from Wisconsin arrives and Tawni steals her from Sonny. Nico and Grady get angry that their Made Out to Be a Jerkass security guard always eats the tip of their pizzas and formulate revenge on him.
7. Poll'd Apart: Tawni is attacked by a hostile fashion columnist, forcing Sonny to intervene. Nico and Grady fight with each other over who gets to go for a ride in Chad's car.
8. Fast Friends
9. Sonny with a Chance of Dating
10. Sonny and the Studio Brat: The So Random! cast is blackmailed by Dakota to pair her up with Chad, whom Dakota has a crush on.
11. Promises, Prom-Misses: The So Random! cast throw a prom to draw crowds without Marshall's permission.
12. The Heartbreak Kids: The So Random! cast gets fed up with their teacher Ms. Joy Bitterman always being in a grumpy mood and taking it out on them, so they pair her up with Marshall. This backfires, as Joy convinces Marshall to torture Sonny over and over as a sick joke for her own amusement.
13. Battle of the Networks' Stars
14. Prank'd
15. Tales from the Prop House.
16. Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner
17. Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star
18. Hart to Hart: Sonny exacerbates a feud between Tawni and her mother, and so Sonny gets forced to deal with Tawni who squats at her home and forces her to wait on her hand and foot
19. Sonny in the Middle
20. Cookie Monsters: Zora and Dakota (with aid from Sonny and Chad respectively) compete with each other for who can sell the most cookies. Tawni is ordered to stop looking in a mirror.
21. Sonny So Far

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