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  • What happened to Tawni's character regarding So Random sketches? In the beginning, she refused to play a clumsy bee. Now she's taking on roles like the hick who sells roadkill with her dad. Development, or a forgotten trait?
    • I think she was refusing to play the bee simply because it was Sonny's idea and she was angry about her being on the show at all. Now that she's accepted Sonny as part of the cast, and as a friend, there's no reason she'd care. Sketch comedy always involves ridiculous characters, so it wouldn't make sense for her to have any actual problem with them.
  • What universe does this take place in? As far as I can tell, there is a Disney Channel universe, where That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, and Wizards of Waverly Place take place, but Sonny With A Chance has an entire episode where Selena Gomez shows up as herself and there is a part where Sonny jokes that Chad thinks Hannah and Miley are two different people. So does it take place in this world, or in Disney Channel universe?
    • It's slightly different, like in the Selena Gomez ep, Selena comments on how she was in the movie Camp Hip-Hop.
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    • The next episode is "High School Miserable". Let that one sink in for a moment and the allusion should be pretty obvious.
    • It's probably a new universe they're creating that'll crossover with other shows.
    • It's basically real life set in a non-real place. So perhaps an AU.
  • In what universe would So Random be considered funny?
    • Honestly I do find some of the sketches funny however a lot of the "off-camera" antics are more funny. I thought SR wasn't a liked show, in that universe.
    • The same one that TGS With Tracy Jordan and the in-universe iCarly webshow are considered funny in?
    • So Random isn't considered funny. So Random's Informed Ability is that it sucks and no-one watches it.
  • In what freaky parallel dimension would there NOT be a big fuss over five famous (albeit former) actors just suddenly showing up in what appears to be a completely average school? Seriously, where?
    • Uh... it was All Just a Dream, so dream world.
    • It's still kind of a good question though. They obviously expected people to be all over them, and since it was a dream and you control your own dreams they still should of seen them as a big deal.
      • Maybe YOU can control your dreams, but if I could, I wouldn't keep having dreams about bathrooms.
  • Here's a piece of Fridge Logic: How did a chocolate coin get picked up by a metal detector?
    • Metal foil. Problem solved!
  • Along with the above, why are they keeping the characters? If they're gonna re-tool the show into an actual sketch show with no behind the scenes elements, why not have the actors keep their ACTUAL NAMES?
    • Agreed, since this makes NO sense if Sterling Knight sticks around, as in-universe, this means that Chad Dylan Cooper is now part of the So Random cast.
      • Chad Dylan Cooper IS part of the So Random cast. That was announced in the premiere.
      • "Walk A Mile In My Pants" never featured any such announcement. In-universe, Chad was never part of the So Random cast.
      • Are you referring to the Sonny with a Chance Universe or the So Random! universe?


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