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Fanfic Recs / Sonny with a Chance

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All I Want is the Moon Upon a Stick by Cain

  • Pairing: Sonny/Tawni
  • Status: Complete
  • Rating: T. Contains sex and sexual content (though not explicit or graphic), as well as some language, underage drinking, violence, etc.
  • Synopsis: "A past one-night-stand returns with a vengeance, putting Tawni's whole career at risk. Sonny's heart is at war with her head, not to mention with a certain self-absorbed starlet who refuses to give her a chance."
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  • Comments: There are very few good Sonny/Tawni fics out there (in fact, there are very few Sonny/Tawni fics period), but this one is excellent. It's an interesting story, it's in-character (Tawni is wonderfully bitchy and Sonny is always trying to make things better), it includes all the characters, and it explores the potential repercussions of 'coming out' in Teen Hollywood. The bottom-line is it's a well-written story, with humor and heart, and probably one of the better stories on It's complete.

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