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Recap / Sofia The First S 4 E 05 The Mystic Isles

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Summary: When Amber discovers that her sister Sofia has a secret job as a Storykeeper, she demands to join her on her latest assignment: traveling to the Mystic Isles and stop the rogue Crystalmaster Prisma from covering the isle with crystals and stealing their magic.

Tropes in this special include:

  • An Aesop: The needs of someone else must come before your own.
  • Call-Back: Amber's re-discovery of the amulet's magic makes this special bring to mind the events of "The Curse of Princess Ivy".
  • The Reveal: Sofia reveals the universe that the show is set in is called the EverRealm.
  • Secret Keeper: Amber after discovering the secret passage to the Secret Library, she demands Sofia to come clean about her amulet after years hiding her powers.
  • Story Arc: This marks the finale of the "Secret Library" arc, and the beginning of the "Mystic Isles" arc for the remainder of the season.
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  • Wham Episode: Sofia is set to become a protector of the EverRealm.

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