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Recap / Scooby-Doo Team-Up: "Trouble in Paradise"

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Wonder Woman invites Daphne and Velma to Paradise Island for training, but it soon becomes apparent that all is not well...monsters keep turning up and vanishing just as quickly. Wonder Woman hopes that the gang can help unravel the mystery, but they're hampered by the necessity that no man set foot on the Amazons' sanctuary.

This comic includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Arbitrary Skepticism: During one point, Daphne says it's weird that beasts like the Minotaur, a dragon, or harpies could be on Paradise Island, given that they're merely mythological. Wonder Woman points out that some people would call Amazons or talking dogs mythological as well.
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  • Big "NO!": Wonder Woman cries "No!" when Shaggy gets thrown off Jumpa while she and Nubia are occupied with the latest monster, believing that she and her fellow Amazons will lose their powers.
  • "I Can't Look!" Gesture: Scooby covers his eyes with his paws when Daphne apparently attempts to bullfight a Minotaur. It turned out to be unnecessary as she simply threw the flag over the Minotaur's head and (barely) dived out of the way. The Minotaur also vanished immediately after hitting the flag.
  • Kneel Before Zod: While under the belief his plan to make the Amazons lose their super strength worked, the Duke of Deception approaches Wonder Woman and tells her to kneel before him.
  • Loophole Abuse: The issue makes good use of Exact Words.
    • First, the Gang ends up going to Paradise Island, with Daphne and Velma getting Amazon training by Wonder Woman. However, Shaggy and Fred are stuck hanging around the Invisible Plane because no man can set foot on Paradise Island or they'd cause the Amazons there to lose their immortality. However, a loophole means Scooby can walk around normally - Scooby may be a male, but the rules said no man, nothing about a dog. It's also entirely acceptable for men to ride around the island; they just can't walk on it.
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    • Later, this trope is revealed as being the reason the day is able to be saved — the manifestations of mythological creatures are revealed to be the work of the Duke of Deception, a minion of Ares. He had hoped the Amazons would call in outside help from a male, who he could knock off his steed, thereby causing his feet to touch the ground and stripping the Amazons of their power. However, even when Shaggy falls off his steed, Wonder Woman is still able to whip the Duke. Daphne suggests this is because Shaggy landed on his hind end; his feet never touched the ground. Shaggy says it could also be because he's "not much of a man."
  • Mythology Gag: When Shaggy says that he's fine except for the lack of food on the Invisible Plane, Wonder Woman says he reminds her of "my friend Etta", presumably a reference to Etta Candy, a food-loving sidekick of Wonder Woman who hasn't appeared much since the Golden Age.
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  • Power at a Price: The Amazons will lose their power if a mortal man sets foot on Paradise Island. The villain behind the Wonder Woman issue turns out to be aiming to use that rule to depower the Amazons.
  • Straw Feminist: Nubia says that Shaggy's cowardice is exactly what one should expect from a man. Wonder Woman immediately corrects her, declaring that all people have the ability to achieve great things.