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Recap / Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

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  1. Man-Bat and Robbin': Mystery Inc. teams up with Batman and Robin when it looks like there are multiple Man-Bats on the loose.
  2. Who's Scared?: Scooby-Doo must team up with Ace the Bat-Hound when the Scarecrow sprays everybody else with his fear toxin.
  3. Two Mites Make It Wrong: Bat-Mite and Scooby-Mite argue about whether Batman or Scooby is better, and decide to to test them with their reality warping powers.
  4. Teen Titans... Ghost!: The Teen Titans Go gang call in Mystery Inc. when it looks like Titans Tower is haunted.
  5. Trouble in Paradise: Wonder Woman calls Mystery Inc. to Paradise Island when monsters start invading.
  6. A (Super) Friend In Need: The Super Friends call in Mystery Inc. when a ghost seemingly makes Superman vanish.
  7. Scooby-Doo, When Are You?: Mystery Inc. accidentally gets sent back in time and decides to help the Flintstones characters with a ghost problem.
  8. Future Shocked!: While trying to get home, Mystery Inc. overshoots and gets sent to the time of the Jetsons. Again, they decide to help them with a ghost problem.
  9. Truth, Justice, and Scooby Snacks: Mystery Inc. must save Metropolis when Superman is mutated into a monster by Red Kryptonite and goes on a rampage.
  10. Quest for Mystery!: Mystery Inc. teams up with Jonny Quest and his team to take on a mummy.
  11. I Spy Something...Boo!: Secret Squirrel calls in Mystery Inc. when a ghost disrupts peace talks between two nations.
  12. Gotham Ghouls: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ask Mystery Inc. for help when they think they've been cursed by a relic they stole.
  13. Don't Be a Stranger: The Phantom Stranger and Deadman ask Mystery Inc. for help when all the ghosts in the world start disappearing.
  14. Wet 'N' Wild: Aquaman calls in Mystery Inc. when sea monsters and what looks like Poseidon start invading Atlantis.
  15. The Ghost of Gorilla City: Mystery Inc. and the Flash team up when it looks like Gorilla City is haunted.
  16. Simply Marvelous: Mystery Inc. is called to investigate when the Marvel Family is kidnapped.
  17. Fly By Night: Hawkman and Hawkgirl call in Mystery Inc. when it looks like the Midway City Museum is haunted.
  18. A Doggone Crisis: G'Nort summons Scooby and several other canine heroes to help in an intergalactic crisis.
  19. Scooby-Doo and the Conjurer's Conundrum: Zatanna asks Mystery Inc. to help find her missing father.
  20. Space Case: Mystery Inc. teams up with Space Ghost to defend Earth from his enemies.
  21. Happy Harley-Daze!: Harley Quinn has run away from the Joker and asks if she can stay with Mystery Inc.
  22. Nothing is Impossible: Mystery Inc. teams up with the Impossibles to stop a rampaging Frankenstein Jr.
  23. Go West, You Meddling Kids: Mystery Inc. teams up with El Kabong when a ghost starts scaring everyone away from Gopher Gulch.
  24. Out of This World: Martian Manhunter asks Mystery Inc. to help clear his name when he is framed.
  25. Ghosts Are Not Healthy For Dogs and Other Living Things: Mystery Inc. teams up with Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Green Lantern when it looks like the town of Karma Corners is haunted.
  26. Enter the Dragons—Exit Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Inc. teams up with Hong Kong Phooey when dragons invade Chinatown.
  27. Curses—Foiled Again!: Plastic Man asks Mystery Inc. for help because his friend Woozy Winks thinks he is cursed.
  28. The Good, the Bad, and the Scooby!: Fred tells the gang a tale of the time his ancestor and his friends helped Jonah Hex.
  29. Reigning Cats and Dogs: Mystery Inc. helps Top Cat and his gang when it looks like their alley is haunted.
  30. Did Someone Say "Team"-Up?: Mystery Inc. competes against the Challengers of the Unknown when several mysteries start popping up.
  31. The Ghost at the Heart of The Atom: The Atom asks Mystery Inc. for help when it looks like a subatomic world is haunted.
  32. Don't Bug Me: Mystery Inc. teams up with Atom Ant to stop giant monsters.
  33. The Ghost of Ferro Lad!: Mystery Inc. travels to the future to help the Legion of Super-Heroes when Ferro Lad's ghost appears and demands the Legion disband.
  34. Birds of a Feather!: Scooby, Daphne and Velma help the Birds of Prey deal with a giant rampaging bird while Shaggy and Freddy team up with Brother Power the Geek.
  35. Bear-ly Scared: Mystery Inc. helps Yogi Bear when he is framed.
  36. Too Many Kooks!: At a telethon, Mystery Inc. has to team up with a few outrageous and not too helpful heroes (Angel and the Ape, The Inferior Five, Stanley and His Monster and Sugar and Spike) to deal with a monster.
  37. Nasty Tricks: Supergirl calls in Mystery Inc. when the ghosts of Argo City, including her parents, show up.
  38. It Was a Dark and Gritty Knight...: Dynomutt calls in Mystery Inc. when it looks like Blue Falcon has been possessed.
  39. Victory Through Scare Power: Doctor Fate sends Mystery Inc. to 1942 to help the Justice Society stop Vandal Savage from obtaining and opening Pandora's Box.
  40. How's Bayou?: Mystery Inc. teams up with Swamp Thing to stop the Voodoo Queen.
  41. Perils Before Swine: Mystery Inc. and the Ant Hill Mob clash over protecting Penelope Pitstop.
  42. Gorilla Warfare: Mystery Inc. comes to a city taken over by various gorilla villains.
  43. Doomed!: Mystery Inc. teams up with the Doom Patrol when their villains start disappearing.
  44. Just Plane Scared: Mystery Inc. is tricked into helping Dick Dastardly and his Vulture Squadron try to capture Yankee Doodle Pigeon.
  45. The Greater Escape: Mystery Inc. gets caught up in the war between New Genesis and Apokolips.
  46. Justice, Like Lightning: Mystery Inc. teams up with Black Lightning to deal with gang crimes.
  47. Don't Get Mad, Scientist!: Mystery Inc. teams up with Mr. Peebles and Ogee when a mad scientist wants to experiment on Magilla Gorilla.
  48. Going Rogue: While the Flash is away, his Rogues make Mystery Inc. help them because it seems that the Top's ghost has returned and keeps interfering with their crimes and stealing their loot.
  49. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Mystery Inc. teams up with Metamorpho, the Element Man, when a mysterious monster is after Mr. Stagg.
  50. Crisis of Infinite Scoobies: Bat-Mite and Scooby-Mite have returned, and this time, they've brought infinite variants of both Batman and Scooby-Doo with them!