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Recap / Pokemon S 4 E 5 Type Casting

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Japanese Title: Where is Usokkie!?

Original Airdate: August 31th, 2000

US Airdate: September 1st, 2001

Trying to reach Ecruteak City our heroes are stopped in their tracks, unable to cross a bridge-less river. As they walk the bank, they see an old fisherman and strike a bargain, a ferry-ride across the river in exchange for an elusive Sudowoodo! As they comb the nearby mountains in search of one of these unique Pokémon they run into two research scientists arguing over Sudowoodo's type. Join Ash and the gang as they encounter this truly versatile Pokémon and attempt to determine what type Sudowoodo really is!


  • Broken Bridge: Leading to a Fetch Quest to find a Sudowoodo for the man that can boat them across the river.
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: Psyduck spots Sudowoodo right away but Misty doesn't initially believe him.
  • Meaningful Name: The two scientists are named Marie and Pierre, most likely a nod to Marie and Pierre Curie, discoverers of radium.
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  • Power Copying: Sudowoodo can copy attacks with Mimic.
  • Tastes Like Friendship: Brock befriends Sudowoodo by feeding it some of his Pokéchow.

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