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Recap / Over the Garden Wall

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This is the Recap page for Over the Garden Wall, a miniseries Cartoon Network aired during the first week of November 2014, centered on two brothers who get lost in a forest wonderland and are forced to find their way home.

To check out the main page, go here. Keep in mind that all spoilers on recap pages will be unmarked.

  1. "The Old Grist Mill" - Two lost brothers, Wirt and Greg, stumble upon an old mill and the eccentric Woodsman who lives there, who tries to warn them about "The Beast" lurking in the woods.
  2. "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee" - Wirt and Greg, along with their new friend Beatrice the bluebird, end up doing hard labor in the town of Pottsfield.
  3. "Schooltown Follies" - When the boys stumble upon a struggling school for animals, Wirt takes offense to Beatrice calling him a pushover, while Greg tries to organize a benefit concert.
  4. "Songs of the Dark Lantern" - Wirt and Greg meet a cast of eccentric characters at an old roadside inn.
  5. "Mad Love" - Wirt and Greg help an eccentric millionaire who's convinced his mansion is haunted by a ghostly woman.
  6. "Lullaby in Frogland" - Greg's frog helps the brothers out of a jam, only for them to learn Beatrice has been keeping a dark secret.
  7. "The Ringing of the Bell" - Wirt meets a sweet but sickly girl who is apprenticed to a suspicious old woman.
  8. "Babes in the Woods" - Greg goes on an adventure in his dreams in hopes of helping his brother Wirt.
  9. "Into the Unknown" - Wirt reminisces on how he and Greg got lost in the Unknown.
  10. "The Unknown" - Wirt confronts the sinister Beast in order to save Greg's life.


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