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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 3 Beware The Physical Exam

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The time has come for the school's annual physical examinations and the Host Club must find a way to prevent Haruhi's gender being discovered or lose her as a host. Their attempts, including Tamaki disguising himself as Haruhi, fail miserably until Kyoya Ootori steps in with a doctor who promises not to reveal her secret. Meanwhile, a disoriented doctor named Yabu (or Quack) is searching for his daughter and is accused of "making a pass" at one of the female students. Dr. Yabu is distraught at the accusations and equally distraught that his wife and daughter left him due to financial problems. Kyoya points out that if the man's family is really that poor, the girl would be attending Ouran Public High School, rather than the prestigious and very expensive Ouran Academy. Tamaki gives him directions, even though he might get hurt later, it's up to him to find out if his daughter and he can still have a relationship. Haruhi is quietly impressed and decides to stick with the Host Club a bit longer.


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