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Recap / Nia Creation

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Make the 9th Spirit, the otaku manga artist—Nia fall in love!?

Shido met the 9th Spirit—Nia at the side of the road collapsed in hunger. In order to make Nia fall for him, Shido had to go on an otaku date with her but………「I———have only fallen in love in 2D」, an impactful truth was brought to light———!?

This volume contains the following tropes:

  • Otaku: Nia is a Otaku who loves 2D boys which makes Shido's task even harder.

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  • Cosplay: Shido cosplays as Nia's Husbando to make her fall in love.

  • Playboy Bunny: Miku, Tokha, Kotori and Yoshino dress up as Bunny Girls to advertise their manga

  • Mangaka: Origami, Natsumi and Yamai sisters are drawing a manga about Shido's story to compete against Nia.

  • Near-Death Experience: After making Nia inverse, Westcott has Artemisia extract her Qlipha Crystal and absorbs it, gaining her Demon King Beelzebub and leaving Nia on death's door. Shido just manages to save her by stabilizing what little spirit power she still has with his sealing kiss.

  • Wham Line: Nia shocks everyone at the end of the volume by suggesting that all Spirits were originally human, not just Origami, Kotori and Miku.


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