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This is the recap page for Nature Cat

Note: Episodes are listed in production order.

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     Season 1 (2015-2017) 
  1. Heartthrob Hamster / Astronuts: Nature Cats family is pet-sitting their neighbors super cute hamster, Sir Galahad. But when Hal accidentally knocks the top off the cage, Sir Galahad runs away, claiming hell never go back in the cage, ever! Tally ho! Its up to Nature Cat and the gang to track down Sir Galahad, and get him in his cage before the owners get back. / Nature Cat has a dream, to be first cat to walk on the moon. Daisy, Squeeks and Hal have always wanted to go to the moon too so they are in! But theres one slight problemhow do they get to the moon? Daisy has an idea - they can build a rocket ship! Onward and yonward to the moon! (January 4, 2016)
  2. Muck Amok / Follow Those Footprints: Squeeks cousin Marvin needs big-time help, right away! His marsh home is in danger of flooding! Tally ho! Nature Cat and his pals are called into action to investigate and figure out how to stop the flooding before more animals are forced to leave their marsh homes. / Tally ho, its Nature Art Day! An extremely excited Nature Cat proudly unveils his latest nature masterpiece a statue of himself made out of acorns. But theres a slight problem: the statues acorn head is gone! Uh-oh, whered it go?! (December 21, 2015)
  3. Breezy Rider / Swamp Thing: A strong gust of wind blows Squeeks' kite up into the sky with Squeeks still holding onto it! / Squeeks, Hal, Daisy and a terrified Nature Cat investigate to get proof if Swamp Thing really exists. (November 30, 2015)
  4. The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart / Pet Sounds: While digging a hole to bury his bone, Hal uncovers Bad Dog Barts treasure map. Legend has it that Bag Dog Bart stole the neighborhood dogs toys, and buried them in a treasure chest for himself! No fair! Nature Cat and his pals must decipher the map so they can right this wrong, find Bad Dog Barts treasure chest and return all of the stolen dog toys! Tally ho! / The Nature Cat Band is ready for The Battle of the Pet Bands! They ve been practicing for weeks and cannot wait to compete! But right before the band battle is set to begin, a mishap launches all of their instruments into the ocean! How can they make music and compete with no instruments? Oh no! (December 7, 2015)
  5. Cave Conumdrum / Daisy's Colossal Fossil: While playing catch, Hals beloved flying disc Harold is accidentally flung into a cave. Oh no! Hal is so worried for his toy! Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal must venture into the cave to find Harold, and along the way learn a little bit about cave exploration. / While digging in her garden, Daisy unearths a giant fossil, which belonged to a Wooly Mammoth! Wondering about what life was like back then leads Daisys imagination to take over as she and her pals go back to explore prehistoric times (December 14, 2015)
  6. There's Gold In Them Thar Hills / Nature Cat and Mr. Hide: Nature Cat ventures back to the stream to find another piece of gold for Squeeks. / Nature Cat hopes to finally beat Ronald at the Neighborhood Hide 'N' Seek Championship - Cat Edition. (December 28, 2015)
  7. Where Have All the Butterflies Gone? / For the Birdies!: Oh no! A long-awaited play date with Daisy's butterfly friends is at risk because there are no flowers around for the butterflies to feed on. When all seems lost, Nature Cat steps up to save the day. He and his pals decide to build a new butterfly garden before the butterflies have to fly off. / With winter approaching, and the neighborhood birds' food sources dwindling, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy set out to build bird feeders, to give the birds a much needed food boost for the winter months. But building the feeders and setting out the food is much easier said than done! (January 11, 2016)
  8. Ants Revolution / Tide Pool Tough: Nature Cat and his pals try to get a special dessert back for Squeeks from a group of ants / Nature Cat would love to join his friends in the ocean but he is scared of the water! (January 19, 2016)
  9. Stream and Shout / Hal's Day Off: A simple question leads the gang on an action-packed adventure, as they follow a stream uphill. / After a silly mishap leaves Hal alone in the big city, it's up to Nature Cat, Squeeks, and Daisy to go find him. (March 15, 2016)
  10. Tally Ho! A Rainbow / Travelin' Seeds: Daisy wants to capture a picture of a rainbow for her Granny Bunny but finding a rainbow is easier said than done. / When Daisy finds a flower in her garden that she didn't plant, Nature Cat and his pals investigate. (March 16, 2016)
  11. Hooray, It's Arbor Day / Goodnight, Gracie: Nature Cat and his pals to try and save Squeek's favorite climbing tree after the wind blows it over. / When Gracie the toad needs help getting ready for hibernating, Nature Cat is there to lead the way. (January 20, 2016)
  12. Ze Worm Whisperer / Love You, Michael Bluejay: Daisy needs worms for her garden but Nature Cat is afraid of worms - Hal's alter ego Ze Worm Whisperer comes to her rescue. / Nature Cat and his pals get lost on the way to hear their favorite singer - Michael Bluejay! (January 21, 2016)
  13. Star Gazers / A Jump to Remember: Nature Cat, Daisy, Squeeks and Hal go star gazing. / Nature Cat continues his quest to be the champion animal snow ski jumper. (February 18, 2016)
  14. Happy Halentine's Day / The Groundhog Way: Tah-dee! It's Valentine's Day, Hal's most favorite holiday of all! And to celebrate, every year Hal shows his love by handing out cards, flowers and candy to all of his Valentines, ending with a super special delivery of love to his mommy! But there's a slight problem this year, Hal forgot to buy the gifts! Oh no, Valentine's Day is ruined! Never fear! Nature Cat has an idea - they can reuse items found in nature and quickly make their very own Nature Valentines! Phew! / It's Groundhog Day! Today the Groundhog should tell our pals if Spring will come early or if Winter will stay around longer. But the Groundhog has a different plan for this year, do nothing! He is not going to come out of his burrow to make a weather prediction! Oh no! Why? Because in the last ten years he's been right only five times. He can't stand the pressure and thinks it's time for someone else to do his job. Without the Groundhog, how will anyone know if spring will come early this year? It's up to Nature Cat to save the day, to fill in for the Groundhog and make his very own weather prediction! Wait, how is he going to do that?! (February 2, 2016)
  15. Kingdom of Rotting Log / Can You Dig It?: Sound the royal horns! Baa-baaa-baaaa! Today, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy want to build their royal castle in the woods, for a day of royal play! But the build doesn't go so smoothly because there is a rotting log in the way of where they want to put their castle. In trying to remove the log, our gang finds out how important rotting logs are. / Today, Nature Cat and his pals look to answer question number 73 on Nature Cat's Nature Curiosity List: if they keep digging a hole deeper and deeper, where will they end up? With the help of Daisy's homemade Earthbreaker One machine and their imaginations, our gang goes onward and downward, through the earth, and winds up somewhere very surprising. (April 26, 2016)
  16. Mud Love / Call It a Night: To bring Hal's dream of Mud Appreciation Day to fruition, all his pals must lend a muddy hand, collecting different kinds of mud and setting up for the super fun and super messy celebration. But there is one slight problem, Nature Cat doesn't like mud and really wants no part of any of it! / While playing flashlight tag at night, Nature Cat's hat falls off his head onto the ground, and then surprises everyone by scattering off into the dark night! An already scared Nature Cat is now sad, worried that he will never wear his beloved Nature Cat hat again! They'll never be able to find it, it's so dark! Squeeks comes to the rescue with a great idea: to act like other nighttime animals and use some of their other senses to find it. (April 27, 2016)
  17. Earth Day Today / Earth Day Everyday: It's Earth Day today! Hooray! To celebrate, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal go on a nature hike over to Butterfly Hills. But they don't get too far because they keep running into plastic bags blowing in the wind. Upon closer inspection, they see these plastic bags come from a local supermarket, so Nature Cat calls for a change in Earth Day plans. Now they will celebrate Earth Day by alerting the supermarket of their plastic bag problem! / With an earth-friendly alternative in place for the supermarket plastic bag problem, Nature Cat and his pals look to get back to their Earth Day hike celebration but are once again sidetracked. This time it's by a plastic bottle floating in a stream. Trying to get this one plastic bottle out of nature and into a recycling can takes them on a perilous, action-packed journey through the waterways, ending up in the ocean where they see more plastic waste! But it's also where they learn that Earth Day is every day. (April 25, 2016)
  18. Woodpecker Picks a Place / Here Comes the Sun: Nature Cat's band practice keeps getting interrupted by a loud knocking on Hal's doghouse. Upon investigating, the gang finds a woodpecker pecking away at Hal's roof! In trying to stop the woodpecker to save Hal's roof, and allow them to get back to band practice, the gang finds out more about woodpeckers and what exactly this one is looking for. / Tally ho! Today Nature Cat leads his pals on an amazing adventure, to go see the Golden Sunstone! All is going well on the trek over until Nature Cat accidentally breaks the compass! Uh oh, now how are they going to tell which direction to go in? As Nature Cat panics, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal find other ways to determine which direction to go and save the day! (April 28, 2016)
  19. The Great Grasshopper Race / Fall for Hal: Hal's grasshopper buddy Dustin Hopman will be competing today in the Great Grasshopper Race. Hal has been training him, and now there is no doubt that Dustin is ready to go! But before the race starts, Dustin inexplicably hops off into the woods. It's up to the gang to find Dustin and bring him back before the race starts. But looking for a small green bug turns out to be more easily said than done! / The first day of fall is Hal's favorite day of the year. It's when he always goes on his First Day of Fall Scavenger Hunt. But there is a big problem this year. Hal is sick and can't get out of bed! When it looks like Hal is in for some major disappointment today, Nature Cat comes up with a great idea: they will bring fall, and all the items on his scavenger list, to Hal! (May 23, 2016)
  20. Playground-Palooza / Small But Big: When Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal learn that their city dog friend Sadie is sad because she really misses playing with her friends out in nature, Nature Cat has a great idea to make her feel better. They will bring the nature fun to Sadie right in the middle of the city! The gang loves the idea, but there is one small question: how are they going to bring nature into the city?! / Squeeks is so excited because today is The Small But Big Art Fair, and she is making a small but big masterpiece for it! The others are excited to go see it, but getting there proves to be difficult because the directions are really for small creatures and will require Daisy, Nature Cat and Hal to use magnifying glasses to help them get there. (May 24, 2016)
  21. Slime Time / Rock Stars: The gang finds help from a slimely source when they set out to rescue Nature Cat's favorite yarn ball. / Squeeks can't wait to show off her favorite rock at her Rock Stars meeting. (July 11, 2016)
  22. Gimme Shelter / Goin' Batty: The gang cannot wait to get to Lookout Point to watch the sunset, but rain threatens their outing. / Nature Cat goes to Cocono Cave to watch the bats fly out at dusk, but mishaps along the way cause him to question his love of nature. (July 12, 2016)
  23. The Legend of Gold Gardens / Winter Dance Party: Nature Cat and the gang uncover a map to The Gardens of Gold! / Daisy forgets to plan her family's Winter Solstice Dance Party. (July 13, 2016)
  24. Ice is Nice / Bird's Eye View: A fun-filled day of ice-skating takes a turn when Nature Cat's beloved hot cocoa Hug Mug mysteriously breaks. / Nature Cat tries to make Hal's dream come true, but making Hal a bird won't be as easy! (July 14, 2016)
  25. Stop That Squirrel / Onward and Pondward: A grey squirrel named Cruiser breaks into Nature Cat's bird feeder and takes all the birdseed. / Nature Cat and his pals meet a Little Duckling who's in a hurry to leave his pond home - for good! (January 2, 2017)
  26. Appily Ever After / Sound Off: It's Fall! Apple picking season! Nature Cat's tells his version of Johnny Appleseed. / Daisy keeps hearing the most annoying beeping sound and it's coming from across the lake. (January 3, 2017)
  27. Spring Hunter 3000 / The Case of the Missing Moon: Spring has sprung! And it's now time for Daisy's favorite online game: Spring Hunter 3000! The goal of the game is to try and find as many signs of spring as possible: birds, flowers, you name it. The more you find, the more points you get. And whoever gets the most points is deemed the Queen or King of spring! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! / Hal is so so so sad! When he went to howl at the moon, like he does every night, the moon was? gone! But that's impossible! How does a moon just disappear? There has to be a logical explanation, right? Can Nature Cat and his pals find the missing moon? Or will Hal's nightly howls come to an end for good? (April 10, 2017)
  28. Runaway Pumpkin / Lady Bug Tough: Daisy has grown the biggest, most beautiful pumpkin and wants to get it to the Halloween Party. / Aphids are eating Daisy's roses so she calls in Granny Bunny for advice. (October 10, 2016)
  29. The Shell Game / Heron Food Blues: Nature Cat and his pals are ready to play Ronald in a volleyball championship match. / It's the annual Net-A-Fish-And-Toss-It-Back-A-Thon but something's not right - Nature Cat and his pals haven't netted any fish. (January 4, 2017)
  30. Mighty Mountain Climbers / Bug Eating Plants!: n a dare from Ronald, Nature Cat and his pals try to climb all the way up to The Mighty Mountain Peak. They get all the supplies they need, and head out, led by Nature Cat. But they soon find out that hiking up a mountain is hard, and poses many problems no matter how prepared you are. Will they make it all the way to the peak?! / A super excited Squeeks shows her brand-new, homemade comic 'Bug Eating Plants of The Swamp!' to her pals. As Squeeks begins to read the story, we see this action packed adventure played out, as tiny Nature Cat, Hal, Daisy and Squeeks must make their way through the swamp while trying to stay away from the Bug Eating Plants, which proves difficult for Tiny Hal! (April 11, 2017)
  31. The Queen of the Night / Space Rocks: Sweet jumping gerbils! Tonight is the one night a year that the Queen of the Night cactus blooms but the flower only lasts for a few hours! Daisy has always wanted to go to the desert to see it. But to find the flower in the great big desert - and in time - Nature Cat and the gang are sure going to need some help from new friends. / Nature Cat and his pals are on a top-secret, extremely important mission to find a real space rock for Squeeks' rock collection. Finding a real space rock is not the easiest thing in the world to do, in fact it's very hard, but that doesn't deter Nature Cat and the gang from looking all over the four corners of their neighborhood! (September 11, 2017)
  32. Croak and Swagger / Puddle Pool Party: Nature Cat leads his friends to the pond for a day of listening to one of the most amazing spring sounds: the bullfrog croak! At the pond, amid the bullfrog croaks, the gang hears another sound: someone crying! Nature Cat finds the cries coming from Warren the Bullfrog, who is very sad because he doesn't know how to croak. What kind of bullfrog is he? It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to help Warren get his croak back! / Squeeks is so excited because today she has invited her pals to a puddle in the woods for a Puddle Pool Party! Arriving in the woods with their bathing suits on and pool toys at the ready, the gang finds a big problem, the puddle is gone! Squeeks is heartbroken, she really had her mind set on a puddle pool party. Where did the puddle go? (September 12, 2017)
  33. The Glow Games / Have a Grape Day: Here we go again, Ronald! Tonight Ronald challenges Nature Cat and his friends to compete in the Glow Games! The first team to find three bioluminescent creatures wins the game as well as the Golden Glow Trophy! Nature Cat and his pals are ready to compete; they are not scared of Ronald! But they have one question first, what is bioluminescence? / Man-oh-man-oh-man! It's Grape Day! Hooray! Led by Squeeks, the gang is on their way to the grape patch because today the grapes will finally be ripe and ready to eat! Squeeks cannot wait for grape tacos, grape fricassee, grape suzette, grape flambe! But all their excitement comes screeching to a halt when the gang sees the sight before them: the whole grape patch has been overtaken by weeds, everywhere! How could this have happened? Ronald!?!?! (September 13, 2017)
  34. Flight of the Firefly / Thunderstruck: While looking for fireflies in the backyard, Hal catches one so the gang can look closely at it and watch it glow. / It's Nature Scrapbook Day today! Nature Cat gets caught in a thunderstorm while out in nature. (April 12, 2017)
  35. Plants Got the Moves / Magnet Mania: Daisy must find another science project to exhibit at the Animal Science Fair after hers is ruined. / Ole' Lucky the Lodestone is the biggest magnetic rock the world's ever seen. (April 13, 2017)
  36. Flamingo-A-Go-Go / What a Tangled Web: While playing a game of nature I-spy, Squeeks spies something... pink?! Pink? What in nature is pink? Upon a closer look, the gang finds the source of the pink color, Lola, a flamingo who lost her flock while they were on their way to a new home. Lola doesn't remember where their new home was going to be! It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to find Lola's new home, while learning a little bit about flamingos along the way. / Oh no, Nature Cat is really sad today! It seems that someone has been taking all his cat toys, most recently Mr. Silly Sock! How can they find out who the cat toy thief is? Daisy gets an idea to catch the thief, inspired by Wanda the spider who has a web in Daisy's garden. (September 14, 2017)
  37. The Shellersons / Only the Shadow Knows: On a trip to Barrel Cactus National Park to enjoy nature in all its glorious splendor, Nature Cat and his pals encounter Shelby, a very sad desert tortoise. Today is Shelby's Shellerson Family Reunion party, but none of the other Shellerson members have shown up! Nature Cat vows to help Shelby and find his family members, 'The Shellerson Family Reunion will go on!' / As Daisy, Hal and Squeeks are having a blast making shadow puppets, Nature Cat is just sitting in a tree, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. For what? It seems that yesterday, Norman the Squirrel appeared in the same tree Nature Cat sits in now, took a look at the ground, and said that if Nature Cat wants to see something 'unbelievably incredibly amazingly Nature Cat-y!' he has to be in the same spot at the same time tomorrow. Nature Cat isn't moving until he sees something 'unbelievably incredibly amazingly Nature Cat-y!'
  38. Return to Mighty Mountain / Welcome to Vernal Pond: Nature Cat and his pals try to reach the peak of the Mighty Mountains with help from Granny Bunny. / Nature Cat and his pals help Fern, a pregnant salamander, find the vernal pond.
  39. Ocean Commotion - Part 1: The gang navigate the oceans in search of Hal's chew toy that Nature Cat dropped down a storm drain! (June 27, 2017)
  40. Ocean Commotion - Part 2: The gang learn how all waterways are connected, and also meet up with a new special friend named Nature Dog, who helps them navigate the oceans. (June 27, 2017)

     Season 2 (2018-2019) 
  1. Moth Frolic-Fest / Dune Patrol: Hal can't believe it! While he was at the groomers, Hal missed out on a Full-Out, Butterfly Frolic- Fest, and now he has a frolic itch that just needs to be scratched! Trouble is it's dusk and butterflies are only active during the day. There are no butterflies around? Say it isn't so! But don't worry because the gang has a sweet idea! Moths come out at night and they frolic! Maybe they can find a moth for Hal to frolic with. Onward and mothward! / Nature Cat and his pals are at the beach playing a game of catch when their flying disk accidentally lands on top of a sandy hill. Whoopsie! As they all start to race up the hill, a cute little Plover stops them in their tracks. She explains that the sandy hill is actually a sand dune and it's very important and needs protection. Nature Cat and his pals promise to make sure that no one ruins the sand dunes. Dune Patrol, ho!! (January 1, 2018)
  2. Stop and Hear the Cicadas / Cold-Blooded: Today is the day of the Nature Quiz game show and Daisy has been studying non-stop! But while on the way to the quiz, the gang hears a spooky scary noise in the forest that stops them in their tracks. What could it be?! And where is it coming from?! Nature Cat is convinced the forest is haunted. Daisy thinks there must be a more logical explanation. Time for a little scientific investigation! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! / Man-oh-man! Something keeps knocking over Daisy's precious Pinecone Pals! Maybe it's the wind? Hal knows exactly who can protect the Pinecone Pals! Police officer Captain Pino Pineaconi, he's a Pinecone of Law! But when the gang returns from a fun game of hide-and-go-seek, they find the Pinecone Pals knocked over again! Who keeps doing this?! Captain Pino thinks its time to launch an investigation and the good captain is right! Time to look for clues. Tally ho! (January 2, 2018)
  3. Lights Out for Sea Turtles / Nature Art: Nature Cat and his pals are camping out on the beach! Sweet! While they're looking for seashells they run into Squeeks sea turtle friend, Celia, who just laid more than one hundred eggs. Squeeks wants to see the baby sea turtles up close and watch them run to the ocean. She hears the cuteness factor is off the charts! Celia's eggs won't hatch for a while, but she says there are lots of other nests on the beach and some of the eggs are bound to hatch tonight. Best. Beach. Campout. EVER! Time to find a sea turtle nest! / Today is the day of Hal's Aunt Riva's Nature Art Festival and Aunt Riva has a surprise. She's inviting Hal, Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy to be part of her Nature Art show. Hooray! Aunt Riva encourages everyone to let their creative juices flow and create their own nature art. The pressure quickly gets to Nature Cat and he's worried he'll never be inspired to make any nature, but Nature Cat just needs to take Aunt Riva's advice. He needs to relax and soak up nature. That should lead to inspiration! Onward and artward! (January 3, 2018)
  4. Houston's Outdoor Adventure / Hotel Hal: Houston's cousin Nigel is coming to visit next week all the way from England. Nigel wants to join Houston on one of his famous nature adventures. Daisy suggests Houston take Nigel on The Tough Track Adventure, a nature obstacle course happening the day that Nigel arrives. But Houston has a problem he's never been on an actual nature adventure before. He only assists his friends with their nature needs using his computer. How can he get ready for a nature adventure in a week? Never fear! Nature Cat and the gang will help! Onward and time-to-trainward! / During band practice, some unexpected guests interrupt. Papa and Mama Vole (and all their young'uns) pop up to see if they can bunk with Hal. They're having a little problem at their burrow so they need to find shelter. Hal is happy to have the company at first, but when the voles start to take over and eat all his plants, it's time to ask the voles to leave. Easier said than done, as getting the voles back in their home sets off a chain reaction of other animal habitat problems! (January 4, 2018)
  5. Let's Talk Turkey Vulture / Prescription: Nature: It's a crisp autumn day and Nature Cat and his pals are raking leaves in their backyard when a large creepy shadow suddenly covers them. Nature Cat looks up to see big bald birds swooping over their heads. What are those things? And what do they want? Ahhhh! The scary birds come down to introduce themselves as Tammy and Tobias. The gang learns that they're turkey vultures, and despite their intimidating appearance, they come in peace, man! / Hal has been inside his doghouse all week trying to build a Squeak-a-saurus Rex, a model Tyrannosaurs Rex built completely out of squeak toys. It's gonna be fabuladocious! But every time he's about to be finished, the model breaks apart, making Hal very frustrated and tired. He'll never get his Squeak-a-saurus Rex finished!! Dr. Daisy has the remedy. A dose of nature should do the trick! It's time for Hal to take a break and go outside! (April 23, 2018)
  6. Enter the Dragonfly / Water Woes: Nature Cat and his pals are assembled in Ye Olde Kingdom of the Backyard to play. The Knights of Nature! Huzzah! When Ronald sees their shiny Knights of Nature helmets, he's entranced and wants one of his own. But not so fast, Ronald! Nature Cat explains that in order to wear a helmet, Ronald must become a Knight of Nature by going on a quest, and his quest is to find a dragonfly! Huzzah! / Whaaaat?! Daisy's whole garden isn't looking so good. The plants are all droopy and way smaller than last year. Daisy explains that the reason is because they are in a drought, which means it hasn't rained in a while. And since it hasn't rained, her rain barrel, which she uses to water her plants, is totally empty. Even other woodland creatures are thirsty and looking for water because of the drought. Man oh man! Nature Cat and the gang have to do something to help, but they can't make it rain! What they can do is learn to conserve water! Hooray! (April 24, 2018)
  7. Garden Impossible / Agents of the Great Outdoors: It's a beautiful spring day when Daisy gets an urgent video chat from her best gardening pal, Petunia, who has moved to the city. Petunia has gotten herself into a quite a pickle. The Urban Gardening Club is coming to consider her for club membership in a month. Only trouble is, she doesn't have a garden, and she doesn't know how to grow one in the city. If she can't become a member of the Urban Gardening Club, she doesn't know what she'll do. Not to worry! No garden is impossible for Daisy and her pals! Time to build a city garden! Tally ho! / The Agents of the Great Outdoors are on a super-secret spy mission! Shhh! They're going undercover to find out if the noises animals make are their own way of talking to each other, and whoever finds the answer will get the Golden Badge of Honor. Ooooh! It's so golden and so badge-y and all at the same time. The Agents of the Great Outdoors are on the case! Time to find out if animals communicate! Onward and Yonward! (April 25, 2018)
  8. The Return of Bad Dog Bart: When Hal accidentally unearths Bad Dog Bart's second treasure map which leads to his stolen loot of cat toys, it sets off a dizzying, adventurous journey to be the first to dig up the treasure. Joining Nature Cat and his pals in the race to find the stolen loot is that very bad dog himself Bad Dog Bart. And if that isn't bad enough, there is a tough pirate named One Eared Winnie who also is trying to find the treasure. Arghhh!!! (July 16, 2018)
  9. Bunyan Trouble / Foggy Feat: Squeeks tells a story about how Nature Cat and the gang (as the Tree Scouts) prevented Little Paulie Bunyan Jr. from cutting the redwood trees down. / Nature Cat and the others go to see a spring sunrise for Granny Bunny, but a fog blocks the path. (November 12, 2018)
  10. Rights or Wrong / Amazing Animals: Returning to the marsh, Nature Cat and his pals teach Ronald the importance of nature's rights. / Nature Cat and his pals venture through the wintry forest to Granny Bunny's surprise, learning about the features of winter's animals along the way. (November 13, 2018)
  11. Backyard Bigfoot / Imperfect Produce: Squeeks believes that a "bigfoot" might be ruining her backyard campout party. / Everyone thinks Squeeks' bumped up carrots still tasted good on the day of the "Fall Festival and Crop Competition". (November 14, 2018)
  12. Man-Oh-Mangrove / Northern Lights Sights: Nature Cat and the gang explore a mangrove forest to help a lost spiny lobster find its home, but can't seem to find the right one. / Nature Cat and his pals struggle to find the Aurora Borealis as part of his Nature Curiosity List. (November 15, 2018)
  13. A Prickly Problem / A Shedtime Story: Nature Cat and the gang investigate a porcupine who doesn't seem to be terrified at all. / Nature Cat is being petrified because he believes that his friends and other creatures are suffering the "furry flu"! (November 16, 2018)
  14. The Big Bath Brouhaha / Fossil Hunt: When Hal gets dirty before a picture for Granny Bunny, the rest taught him about how some animals can bathe themselves. / Nature Cat and his pals must find a fossil for Squeeks' "Mousey Scouts" fossil badge. (February 18, 2019)
  15. Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up / A Party for Squeeks!: Squeeks suffers the winter blues, so Nature Cat, Daisy, and Hal proceed to hold an "end of winter party", inviting several of her friends while getting ready. (February 19, 2019)
  16. Are You My Egg? / SOS (Save Our Salad): Nature Cat and his pals set out to find a nest for a lost lizard. / Nature Cat and the gang try to think of solutions after his garden is taken over by Japanese beetles. (February 20, 2019)
  17. Snow Way to Keep Warm / So You Think You Know Nature: Nature Cat and the gang must save Hal's chew toy Mr. Chewinsky once again, this time under the snow. / When Nature Cat and his pals end up in a nature themed game show, he feels that he doesn't know much about mimicking in nature! (February 21, 2019)
  18. The Deal with Eels / Skip It!: Nature Cat leads his pals to follow an eel on its long journey to a river. / Through some persistence and courage, Nature Cat learns how to skip rocks while competing against Ronald for the "Rock Skipping Championship". (February 22, 2019)
  19. Wild Batts / No Bird Left Behind: In this fun PBS crossover episode Chris and Martin Kratt show up on Nature Cat as Chris and Martin Batt, two wild bat brothers whose tree home is destroyed, forcing them to find a new shelter. Enter Nature Cat and his pals who come to the rescue, helping Chris and Martin Batt by building them their brand new home! Onward and keep-on-nature-adventuring-ward! / A Baltimore Oriole named Brooks hurts his wing and cannot fly south for the winter. This is not good because in the winter, Brooks' food source of bugs and berries are very scarce. He needs to get south! Enter Nature Cat and his pals, who are up for the challenge of helping Brooks migrate south, but how are they going to fly him there? Oh Houston, we have a problem! (April 15, 2019)
  20. Soil Turmoil / Wisteria Hysteria: Look out world, Steve the Vole is not a happy camper! And he has every right to be upset because his burrow is gone. It was the perfect place to live. The dirt was soft enough to dig though and firm enough to hold his tunnels, but now it’s just a giant hole in the ground! Who would take all that dirt, and why? Steve just wants his home back – is that so much for a little vole to ask for? Not to worry! Nature Cat, dirt retriever extraordinaire, is on the case. Onward and dirtward! / Oh no! Daisy needs some big-time help today. She was on her way to bring jumbo carrot muffins (made with true love) to Granny Bunny, but when she came to the tunnel of wisteria vines she usually goes through to get to Granny's house, someone started throwing things at her so she got scared and turned around. That’s just not right! Who would do that? Hal hears that Big Bad Wolf was in that area, and since he is so big and bad, he's probably the one throwing things. The Big Bad Wolf? Gulp! The gang investigates only to find that the culprit exploding wisteria seedpod? (April 16, 2019)
  21. Nature Cat's Nature Stories / Pattern Problema: It's Nature Stories day today and as his friends gather around, Nature Cat tells his made-up silly story of where the wind comes from. And who would've guessed that according to Nature Cat, wind comes from the elephants in the west who use their huge trunks to blow cool air across the land! Funny! Squeeks and Hal get into the silly storytelling spirit with their tale of how the firefly got its light - it's because the sun gave them light on their tails so they can have parties at night and see what they are doing. Really wacky! Now it's Daisy's turn to tell a silly story, but she is having a little trouble coming up with an idea! / It's a race against the clock for Hal! He was doing a little dog house redecorating to surprise his mommy when she comes over later in the day, but there is something wrong with Hal's wall decorations. It looks like a few wallpaper patterns put here and there, and not very pleasing to the eye. Hal needs to finish before his mommy gets there, but he doesn't know what to do to make his doghouse look beautiful! Nature Cat gets an idea — how about getting out into nature to get inspired by nature's beauty? (April 17, 2019)

     Season 3 (2019-2021) 
  1. Animal Rescue Crew / Nature of Dreams: When Nature Cat and his pals spend the day playing Wild Animal Rescue, they come across a little baby fox with a cut on its front paw. Oh no! The little baby fox is injured and needs help. Looks like it is time to call the greatest animal rescuer in the whole wide world, Racer the Rescue Raccoon. Good golly, hello dolly! / What a bummer! Sadie hurt her paw and now she has to wear a cone and sit in her apartment for a whole month while it heals. Doctor’s orders! Now, Sadie can’t go to the nature playground across the street and watch all of her favorite bugs and birds. The gang feels so badly for her, and Hal wishes there was a way to bring nature to her while she’s healing. That’s it! Hal’s a genius. Maybe there is a way to bring the bugs and birds to Sadie’s balcony. Onward and cityward! (April 18, 2019)
  2. Freezin' in the Summer Season / Total Eclipse of the Sun: Get ready, gang, it’s time for Nature Cat’s annual Summer Fest - summer fun, the whole day long. Whoo hooo! First up is their Summer Fest Sprinkler Frolic, followed by Summer Fest Bike Ride and Summer Fest Kickball game. Nothing can ruin their wonderful Summer Fest, except for the super tall dark clouds approaching and the ominous cool breeze. Man oh man! A thunderstorm! But wait a tick, what is that stuff falling from the sky? It looks like snow, but it’s bouncy. Snow in the summertime? Gimme some whaaaaat? / No one has ever seen Houston as excited as he is today. Know why? Because today there will be a total eclipse of the sun. Woo hoo! Raise the roof! Get this, the sun will be totally blocked out by the moon, so you won’t be able to see it, and it will get dark in the middle of the day. The rest of the gang cannot wait to see the eclipse with Houston, except for Hal, who runs away to hide because he is scared. Hal? (April 19, 2019)
  3. Onward and Songward / Why did the Turtle Cross the Road?
  4. Secrets of the Old Prairie / A Sticky Sweet Tree Treat
  5. Amber Rocks / The Big Stink
  6. Magical Mushroom Mystery Tour / A Midsummer Day's Dream
  7. Great Salt Lake / Praying Mantis Hunter
  8. Tally Ho, A Volcano! / No Rest for the Squeeky
  9. Niagara Falls / Nature Plant
  10. The Mystery of the Grand Canyon / The Strongest Show on Earth
  11. Under Pressure / Rainy Day
  12. Sweet Symbiosis / Strawberry Fields Forever
  13. More Than A Monkey Wrench / Trail Blazers
  14. Hal The Duck / The Crow-lympics
  15. What A Pearl / Wild Bee Motel

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