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Recap / Monster Rancher S 3 E 2 In Quest Of The Legend Cup

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The leader of the Baddie remnants- General Durahan, reduced to a head following his defeat a year ago- learns of the Disc with Moo's soul. Conspiring to get it, he releases one of his frozen warriors.

Meanwhile, Holly feels that the Disc also contains the soul of her father- but how to release him without letting Moo's evil out as well? While visiting a town, the trio witness a Monster Battle between a Battle Rocks and a White Mocchi named Most. Most wins, and the team sees that his victory plate has a Magic Stone, like the one Holly had, within it! Thinking that the Stone's power could help keep the evil soul sealed away, the Searchers try to ask Most for it. Unfortunately, no one knows where Most lives, so Mocchi enters the Legend Cup to get a chance to win the Winner's Plate.


On their way out of town, Genki, Holly and Mocchi run into some familiar faces- Suezo and Golem!


  • Missed Him by That Much: Subverted. Genki's group passes Suezo and Golem, and quickly reunite.
  • The Worf Effect: Battle Rocks, who easily beat Genki and Mocchi on the streets, loses easily to Most. This also makes Battle Rocks an Asshole Victim, given what a bully he is.

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