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Recap / Monster Rancher S 3 E 1 Return To Monster Rancher

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A year has passed since Genki's adventures in the Monster Rancher world. While he's not miserable in his own world, he still misses the good times there. On his way home from school, Genki witnesses a ghostly Mocchi, and follows it to a toy shop he's never seen before. There's a PlayStation hooked up, and a new Monster Rancher game.

The game opens up and reveals that after the destruction of Moo and the Phoenix, the Phoenix's soul split into five pieces again. Holly went off with the things Genki left behind to find the rest of the Searchers. She manages to find Mocchi's Mystery Disk, and after unlocking it the two continue on their journey. One night, Holly hears her father's voice and finds a Mystery Disk- with the crest of Moo! Holly realizes that this must be Moo's evil soul, which separated from its body just as Mocchi and the others had. Then, a group of evil Jells appears, and explain that survival of the evil soul means not all Monsters were turned good.


They plan on unlocking the Disk for more power, and a struggle for the soul ensues. On Holly's orders, Mocchi takes the disc down a cliff to get away, but the Jells quickly catch up. They end up in a Temple and Captain Jell tries to unlock the Disk, but nothing happens. Mocchi tries to fight again, but finds himself outmatch. The little Monster desperately calls for Genki, and another portal opens up, once again pulling Genki into the Monster Rancher world. Reunited, Genki and Mocchi quickly chase off the Jells, taking back the Mystery Disk.

Back outside, Holly finally catches up with Mocchi- and is stunned and overjoyed to see Genki again.


This episode contains examples of:

  • He's Back: Genki's returned to the Monster Rancher world, and is overjoyed about it.
  • Tears of Joy: Holly sheds these when she sees Genki again.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: While Genki spent several months in the MR world, only three hours passed by when he returned to the real world.


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