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Lexx is a Canadian-German, and later Canadian-Belgian, sci-fi show that ran for four seasons from 1997 to 2002. It began its life as a TV-movie franchise, later morphing into the hourlong series format; the four earliest entries, despite being of feature length, are now collected as one season in the DVD sets. The show never developed a standard number of episodes per season: Season 2 has 20, season 3 has 13, and season 4 has 22.


In addition to switching its format from the TV movie to episodes, the show was originally developed for premium cable, before being picked up in America by the Sci-Fi Channel (starting with season 2). Although the network didn't demand that the writers quit filming risqué content, it did edit out some of the show's nudity and swearing, at least in the U.S. Since the Zone-1 DVD sets are of the uncensored cuts, they may contain some tropes not present in their original American airing.

This page is under construction, with many episodes still to be added.

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